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Week G: The Joneses

I would definitely categorize the way the Jones family lives as personal selling. Everything in the Jones family’s house is put strategically in a way where you look at it and you want to have it. Not only the items in their house, but they themselves. Everything about Kate Jones feels and looks so expensive and tailored to her, so when someone (especially me) sees her, they would buy it. I felt that way when I saw Kate in a blue tracksuit and I caught myself wanting to buy one, even though I already have the exact same one. And I didn’t even know at that point that she was trying to sell the tracksuit.

I do not have a favorite brand. I don’t really pay attention to brands since I prefer not showing off brands or money (probably cause I grew up poor). I think Versace is very pretty though, and I think the marketing tactics for Versace and this movie are similar. Versace is a high-end brand, so they use their models and influencers to show off their beautiful, luxurious pieces to make regular people want it. That is exactly want the Jones’ did.

I definitely believe that the marketing in this movie is unethical. The Jones family was a rich, trendy, untouchable family and when they move to a neighborhood where everyone is miserable and everything is about appearances, it drives people to do terrible things. Larry, for example, just kept buying products trying to one up Steve. This lead to serious debt and ultimately his suicide. This type of marketing is driving people to insanity just for pride and satisfaction.

I would be very depressed. Being next to the Jones’ would make me feel poor. I would feel terrible about myself, my family and my financial situation because I know for a fact I could NOT afford any of those items they kept showing off. A Juicy Couture tracksuit is $100 for just the pants!! I can afford that, but that is unreasonable. If I found out their secret, I would probably get violent. All that emotional and financial degradation just for none of that to be real. They would catch all this smoke. But not Kate, though it’s not her fault that her whole vibe is luxurious.

Kettle Gryp

The pitch that appeared on the show that resonated the most with me was the Kettle Gryp. As somebody who doesn’t really enjoy working out but does it anyway, it’s definitely a product that could make me enjoy working out and help me see results faster. As well as, it has such a wide appeal audience. And all this from the comfort of your own home.

They present the concept of the product as such; a product that can turn a dumbbell into a kettle bell, thus saving money and time and easy to travel with. This product allows the customer to have a more diverse catalog of exercises to do with these Kettles Gryps, which include weight and flexibility training. ThIs product helps to fill the gap between people that want to workout but do not have the time to go to a gym, those who are too afraid to enter, and those that quarantine at home during these times of COVID.

This product makes workout a lot easier. As someone who looks for a quick workout that will help tone but build up my flexibility, I could use this as quickly as I need to with several motions that I could use. Without having to switch to different equipments as well. Customers would in fact feel like they NEED this product. People such as my mother who works 7 days a week cannot take time off just to go to the gym. This product allows for the user to come home and use whenever ready without having to change or switch around anything if they do not have time. It’s fast and efficient.

The product could be best positioned in accords to more variety in the product’s look. Some people could look for a custom look in their belongings so that could be a way to better position themselves.

Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Decision Making is a process that, even as a non-marketer, is done regularly. Everybody does this process regarding purchasing a product or even attempting anything. The process is the five steps of recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase behavior. This process can be used to order takeout from an Italian restaurant even.

First step is recognition. I am new to the area of Salt Lake City, Utah, having only moved in this week. I am hungry and am craving Italian. But I am unaware of where everything is in this city. Meaning that I am definitely going to do takeout since I am not ready to explore the city yet. So, I Google Italian restaurants near me. I see many restaurants and recognize that my budget is $30 for a meal comprising one dish. Which means I have already decided that I will not buy from any fancy Italian restaurants since they are more likely to have more expensive dishes.

Second step is information search. I look at Google reviews of the restaurants to make sure I am getting my money’s worth. There cannot be brief reviews because then the restaurant does not seem trustworthy enough to eat there. There can also not be a lot of reviews because it means that it would be harder to get takeout. As well as the takeout could take really long because of how in-demand a seat at a restaurant like this could be.

Third step is evaluation of alternatives. I have many options of what restaurants I want to pick from. My options are Michelangelo’s On Main, and Stoneground Italian Kitchen. They are both nearby each other and their menu corresponds with my budget of $50 for a main course meal and a drink. And possibly a dessert if I’ve got any leftover change. I’m looking at each menu. The menu of Michelangelo’s On Main looks more appetizing and the pictures on Google look delicious.

Fourth step is purchase. I decided on ordering a Chicken Parmesan with a dessert of a chocolate mousse cake because I’m feeling fancy shmancy. I decide against buying a drink because water is $4, and that is unreasonable. My total amounts to $24.98. (Without taxes). I pay for the meal and leave a $5 tip for the delivery person.

Fifth step is post-purchase. Once my food came, I devoured it. The food was good, and I enjoyed it. I feel satisfied with my purchase and will buy from this restaurant again. And that is how the Customer Decisions Making process can be used in actual life situations.

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