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Javier Chen’s Portfolio

This is my portfolio

Hackney Carriage

Where all the magic happens.

Westley Barcliff

Student Portfolio

Aneil Rodriguez’s Portfolio

Aneil Rodriguez’s portfolio.

Ally Ortiz’s Portfolio

Animated works

wdean@bmcc.cuny.edu’s Portfolio

College Laboratory Technician

Justin Almonor’s Portfolio


Sasha Brisman’s Portfolio

My portfolio

Boondaree’s Portfolio

Boondaree’s Portfolio

Christopher Graham’s Portfolio

Hello, I’m an animation and motion graphics major at BMCC. I am willing to understand new ways in improving my art skills. -Gmail: chrisgraham429@gmail.com -Bmcc Email: Christopher.graham12@stu.bmcc.cuny.edu

Geslie’s Portfolio

This is just my portfolio.

Raziel’s Portfolio

Portfolio mostly consisting of my projects at BMCC. I’ll include personal projects and work done for clients if I can get some good stuff done.