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ECE 110 Lecture Summer 2020 Jen Longley

Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.|ECE 110-Lecture|Summer 2020

This course examines the psychological and psychosocial foundations of early childhood and relates these foundations to educational practice with young children, birth to eight years. It focuses on historical and […]

Gender & Communication COM265 | Brianne Waychoff Summer ’20

Communication Studies, A.A.|Gender and Women’s Studies, A.A.|COM 265|Summer 6W1 2020

Course Goals: Raise awareness regarding how gender is created, maintained, and/or changed through cultural expectations and interaction; Gain theoretical insights and develop analytical skills to identify gendered […]

ECE 110 Seminar Summer 2020

Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.|ECE 110-Seminar|Summer 2020

Students complete the required 15 hours of fieldwork for ECE 110 by enrolling, attending and participating in this fieldwork seminar. The fieldwork seminar will meet two hours a week at our enrolled […]

POL 100 – Introduction to American Government

POL100|Fall 2020


MAT 301|Calculus I|Prof. Retamoso|Sec. 0503|Summer 5W2 2020

Mathematics, A.S.|MAT 301|Summer 5W2 2020

This is an integrated course in analytic geometry and calculus, applied to functions of a single variable. It covers a study of rectangular coordinates in the plane, equations of conic sections, functions, limits, […]

English 201: Introduction to Literature Summer 2020

Writing and Literature, A.A.|ENG 201|Summer 2020

Introduction to Literature

SPE 100 | Fundamentals of Public Speaking | Course Hub

SPE 100 | Fundamentals of Public Speaking | Course Hub

Course Hub

Speech 100 is a required course for most BMCC students, the aim of the course is to develop effective skills in speech communication. This course hub was developed as an OER (Open Educational Resource) for faculty […]

GWS Capstone Fall 2020

GWS Capstone Fall 2020

GWS 300|Fall 2020

The Gender and Women’s Studies Capstone course will be a culmination and synthesis of students’ work in the GWS program. Over the course of the semester, students will explore a topic in GWS in-depth; they wil […]

ECO 100 | Intro to Economics

ECO 100 | Intro to Economics

Fall 2020

coming soon…



Economics 201|Fall 2020

An introduction to macroeconomics using a variety of OER/ZTC materials intended to engage the distance learner…

COM 240 | Interpersonal Communication | Course Hub

COM 240 | Interpersonal Communication | Course Hub

Communication Studies, A.A.

Coming Soon

BUS104 | Introduction to Business | Course Hub

Business Administration, A.S.|Business Management, A.A.S.|Digital Marketing, A.S.|Financial Management, A.S.|Small Business Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.|Possible Course Shell

OER resource depot for BUS104 Introduction to Business