About This Class

MAR 100: Introduction to Marketing is course in which the marketing system is described, analyzed and evaluated, including methods, policies and institutions involved in the production and distribution of goods from producer to consumer or user that improve customer value in the context of a competitive environment

I hope you’ll find our specific section of MAR 100 to be differentiated and exciting. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You will not be required to purchase a textbook, access code, or any other materials for this class. I have worked diligently to find Open Educational Resources (OER) to help you understand the material without an additional price tag. You can find out more about what OER is here. (Not required; simply for your own information!)
  • You will be encouraged to submit assignments in ways that are meaningful to you, and in ways that will outlast your time in this class. How often have you worked for hours on an assignment, only to have it viewed by just your professor for grading? We will view and explore each others’ work, and I hope you’ll continue to revisit your assignments as you continue in your BMCC career and beyond. I think there is immense value in your efforts having life beyond this classroom.
  • While you will be required to read a significant amount of content to understand the material, I have made sure to include videos and podcasts to help keep things interesting. We’ll even watch an award-winning major motion picture — for free.
  • Think of our class as a community, which means that even though we won’t meet face-to-face every week, we will be active participants in each others’ learning. I will always be available for extra help or to help you work through an assignment. You can book time with me using this link, whenever you need me.

I hope you will enjoy our class this semester. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, getting to know my students, and learning alongside you. If you’re having trouble or just want to provide some feedback, I’m here to listen and help. I’ll try my hardest to make sure you have nothing short of an excellent experience in my class — my only ask of you is that you do the same.