Week D

We’ve made it to Week D where we will explore two units of study: Unit 7: Segmenting & Target Markets & Unit 8: Marketing Research.

In Unit 7: Segmenting & Target Markets, we will learn about how marketers cater their approach to make sure that their specific, intended audience is receiving exactly the message the organization wants that population to receive. You’ve already been the target of thousands of marketing campaigns in your life — perhaps because of your age, location, interests, or hobbies. When companies identify which customers they want to focus on, they are identifying and marketing to a segment.

In Unit 8: Marketing Research, we will learn about how organizations learn more about their targeted market segments and how to best position products and services to appeal to those segments. Marketing research means focusing directly on the customer, and improving decision making by basing options on data.

Use the Week D links in our Course Schedule to access our Course Materials and Assignments for this unit. As a reminder, all assignments must be submitted by Friday, March 4, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.