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Ashley Rivera



HP Elite Dragonfly G3

HP’s new laptop helps you become more efficient

[New York, New York]: HP has released the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 today. The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 laptop is ideal for those who want to be more constructive in the brave new hybrid work world we now inhabit. It should have plenty of power to handle your task list, and its 13.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display with a 3:2 aspect ratio is more than enough to get you through reading emails and data files. If you prefer, you can upgrade the Dragonfly G3 to an OLED touchscreen display for improved image resolution.

Features and benefits of the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 include.

  • Dynamic Voice Leveling that optimizes voice clarity
  • AI-based background noise reduction
  • Auto Frame face tracking that keeps you in-frame and AI-driven power management

The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 will be available starting March 2022, around $1,644 on HP’s website. For more information on HP Elite Dragonfly G3, visit–zbook—probook/hp-elite-dragonfly

About HP: Their vision is to develop technology that improves the lives of everyone, everywhere — every person, organization, and community on the planet. This inspires and motivates us to do what we do. To be able to create what we are capable of creating. To create new things and reinvent old ones. To create mind-blowing experiences. They will not give up because you will not give up. You’re changing your working style. What you do. What you do for a living You will be reinventing your world with their technology.

Week F

For Immediate Release 3-21-22

Adrian Ceballos



New News Nike

About Nike/Updates:First off we know nike is one if not most decorated brands/sport brands ever. It is home to countless athletes, musicians, comedians, etc.. One of the biggest news lately is their renewal of contract with Kobe Bryant and his estate/brand. After their short disporting this news is big to the legacy of Kobe and his daughter. Next, nike has really been improving their shoes and making them more technological. Innovations like the Nike Flywire support system, Lunarlite foam cushioning, Hyperdunk basketball shoe, new generations of Free footwear, and the new Trainer 1 shoe continue to set the standard for the industry.

Some feature/benefits:

  • Lightweight Durability allowing you to always be at your best while being comfortable.
  • Protect foot against infections
  • Alleviates pain
  • Prevents foot problems.

The next release of nike sneakers are hard to tell because their are always a bunch coming out frequently but the most anticipated are nike sb dunks releasing with a numerous amount of color ways and Air Jordan 1 “85” “College Navy”. You can keep up with updates on the nike app or any sneaker app like “SNKRS”, “Goat”, or even “StockX”.



Amanda Hines – Press Release

Amanda Hines                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/18/2022

Southern Telecom Inc.



Late Beloved Superstar, Elvis Presley, Meets Consumer Electronics!

Southern Telecom Inc. Near Closing on Brand Licensing Deal for Elvis Presley


NYC, New York: This week, Southern Telecom Inc., a manufacturing company specializing in Consumer Electronics, whose partner relationships include Polaroid, Brookstone and Disney has set forth in solidifying their deal with Authentic Brands Group, Elvis’s brand manager. They’re manufactured goods are to include audio products & musical instruments in an exclusive two-year deal.

Brand manager, ABG and Southern Telecom have stated “this will be the next Bohemian Rhapsody” as the highly anticipated Elvis Presley movie is set to be released in June 2022. Elvis Presley being such a widely known name amongst all generations and ages– the deal is expected to renew for 6 additional years.

About Southern Telecom, Inc.; Southern Telecom Inc, is a manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, New York, founded 25 years ago. Southern Telecom has worked with some of the largest brands you know and love and has placements in Saks Fifth Avenue, Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx and more. Their products not limited to audio, but also include beauty, health and wellness, home tech, and sporting goods.

Image from: Elvis (2022) (



Kamila Soopy

WWF – World Wildlife Fund

1 800 960 0993


The Second Year of the One Square Foot Project

WWF with Airwick® Restores the Ecosystem of the Northern Great Plains


Washington, D.C.: Last week the World Wildlife Fund began its second year of a three-year partnership with Airwick® that will be running until June 1st. The One Square Project is an initiative to restore the ecosystem of the Northern Great Plains by reseeding the natural wildlife and grassland habitat there. They were able to reseed nearly 51 million square feet in the first year. This year there is an added feature known as a “Super Bloom,” which is when millions of wildflowers bloom simultaneously.


Heather and Bart Bilden, who have a ranch in Montana, are working to restore cropland to the grassland and forb species with the support from WWF. This is what Heather had to say when asked about the project, “We are very grateful and honored to be able to restore the grasslands by seeding a variety of native plans back into the Earth. These seeds and the soil are our investment in the future.”


WWF and Airwick® hope to accomplish this years Super Bloom by planting one square foot of wildflowers for every social media post tagged #SquareFootSuperBloom alongside the reseeding already being done. These posts can be a photo, video, or even an illustration, the only requirement is that the post is of a wildflower. Social media networks included are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


About World Wildlife Fund: WWF is an international organization founded in 1961. They work to reduce the human impact on the environment as well as preserve the wilderness. Having over 5 million supporters worldwide, in more than 100 countries, the WWF has invested in around 12,000 conservation initiatives since 1995.


Rechal Kajla                                                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/18/22



New Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A33 5G

Samsung adds new Galaxy A series into their collection

Suwon-si, South Korea: Today, Samsung Electronics announced Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A33 5G. The new series highlights the latest Galaxy innovations offering a holistic mobile experience at a great value.

The new A series is powered by a brand-new processor, coupled with Galaxy’s signature AI camera, expansive and smooth display, and two-day battery life. The new Galaxy A series features 5G connectivity, defense-grade security, an eco-conscious, stylish, and slim design, and advanced connected experiences. “With the latest Galaxy A series release, we’re making it easier than ever to enjoy Galaxy’s advanced, innovative mobile experience at a great value,” said TM Roh, President, and Head of Samsung Electronics.

The Galaxy A53 5G will be available in select markets beginning April 1 and the Galaxy A33 5G will be available beginning April 22.

To enhance customers’ experience Samsung has included

  • A quad-camera system features a 64MP OIS Camera with VDIS technology that captures sharp and stable photos every A53.
  • The new Galaxy A series is equipped with up to two-day battery life and 25W Super-Fast Charging, allowing for prolonged viewing, streaming, and other activities.
  • The robust Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and IP67 water and dust protection of the Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A33 5G provide greater durability and peace of mind.
  • Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A33 5G will also include the new Samsung Wallet.

About Samsung: Samsung, is a South Korean company that is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. It was founded in March 1938.  Samsung manufactures consumer and industrial electronics such as appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems.


Penelope Tate                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/19/22





It is time to dust off your roller skates and come have an enjoyable day. The New York Chapter of the Bishops’ High School Old Students Association is inviting all to a fun day to raise funds for their alma mater, on Saturday 2nd of April, 2022 at 85 Bay Avenue Brooklyn, New York, 12345 from 11am to 5pm.

The Bishops’ High School is in need of money for repairs to its beloved Oswald Parry Hall, the auditorium where all the school’s cultural events and assembly meetings are held. At the beginning and end of the school week, all the students would gather in the hall first thing in the morning for assembly, where the principal would briefly address a few hundred students trying their best not to fidget. For each holiday which represented a cultural or religious event, a concert was held to bring awareness to all.

Earlier this month, a part of the roof collapsed and to this end the Old Students Association has vowed to do their part in giving back to the school. According to the president of the association Peter Williams, “We have very fond memories of that hall. It wasn’t only utilized for cultural events, but it was also a place to blow off steam during our lunch period with a game of table tennis, badminton or any other game that we had a yen to play at that time”.

So, you’re being asked to come out to the funplex and engage in a few games. There will be rolling skating for those who can still remain upright in them, games running the gamut from table tennis to jacks, and a few silly races including lime and spoon and tug-of-war. Alumni are being asked to wear their house colors to represent for a day of high entertainment. We look forward to your support.



The Bishops High School is a premier school in Georgetown, Guyana. It was founded in 1870 by the Anglican Church as a girls’ school and became a coed in 1975. It underwent a few name changes and eventually arrived at the current name in 1922, after Bishop E. A. Parry who had been a previous owner. In 1936, the “Oswald Parry Hall” was opened in his honor.



Klaudia Przybyla

DIOZPL                                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03/18/2022



Polish Rescue Group – Save pets from Ukraine war zone. No animals left behind.

Jelenia Gora, Poland: DIOZPL is a Polish Pro-Anmial Foundation.They announced that they will drive into Ukraine to rescue the pets. No animals left behind. This mission aims to rescue abandoned and homeless animals.

 “The current situation in Ukraine is difficult for both: people and animals”, says one of the volunteer on DIOZPL Instagram and Facebook.

Specifically, the areas that the foundation is focusing are:

  • Organize collections of food and medicine for dogs, and other animals.
  • Evacuate the dogs to the organization in Poland
  • Donate food and medicine to the shelters in Ukraine. And also to people.

About DIOZPL: It is a Pro-Animal Foundation. The Polish volunteers risk their lives by driving into the Ukraine war zone to save the poor animals. Diozpl is based in a town named Jelenia Gora. The organization focuses on the Ukrainian animals these days. However, their main goal is to rescue and provide the best for dogs in Poland.

Kitten Season

Jaqueline Cap-Waller                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/17/2022


(212) 876-7700




ASPCA Kicks Off Kitten Season as Shelters Become Flooded with Homeless Kittens.


NEW YORK, NY: Today ASPCA begins to prepare for their annual Kitten Season. Between the months of April and November animal shelters, across New York, are flooded with homeless kittens. These animals often require exceptional care until they are ready to be adopted into their new homes. ASPCA strives to give these kittens the care they need.

On their website, ASPCA highlights the steps it takes to care for these kittens. With the help of the public, they can do this. As stated on their website ASPCA writes, “We help thousands of kittens every year with your support. Kittens have many needs when they enter a shelter: medical treatments, vaccinations, microchipping, food, love and more.”

Here is how ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery’s care the new felines

  • 1:00AM: Bottle feeding has commenced for the neonatal kittens and laundry and clean-up has begun.
  • 4:00AM: Another round of bottle feeding for the newer kittens. Older kittens who have moved passed the stage of bottle feedings are hand fed using tongue depressors and encouragement from loving staff. Staff also begins daily cleaning of kittens and their kennels in the Kitten Nursery.
  • 7:00AM: More bottle feeding for Kittens. New kittens require feedings every three hours so they may grow into healthy strong cats. The staff also prepares kittens that are ready to be spayed or neutered on that day
  • 10:00AM: Again, more bottle feeding. ASPCA staff will recreate the warmth and love that their mothers would give the orphaned kittens. They do this by mimicking a mother’s cat tongue by brushing the kittens with a soft toothbrush.
  • 1:00AM: Kittens from partner shelter arrive. The medical team will do intake exams and if needed give the new kittens a soothing bath.
  • 4:00PM: It is important for kittens to have exposure to humans to prepare them to be future pets. ASPCA Foster Volunteers sit with the kittens and play with them introducing them to stuffed toys, cardboard scratchers, and new scents.
  • 7:00PM: After each feeding newborn kittens need help relieving themselves. Since orphaned kittens do not have a mother to help stimulate them, the staff give a lending hand. Older kittens’ litter is changed by staff and monitored to ensure kittens are using their litter boxes correctly.
  • 10:00PM: Bottle fed kittens are still being fed every three hours. Staff ensures the temperature of each bottle is 102 degrees the same as it would be if they were feeding from their mothers.

As we can see ASPCA takes great care of these orphaned Kittens.

About ASPCA: The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), was the first humane society created in North America and is now one of the largest in the world. ASPCA’s belief is “that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law.” ASPCA’s headquarters are in New York City but have anti- cruelty missions throughout the nation. They are a privately funded not-for-profit corporation and are proud of their over 2million supporters across the country. Founder Henry Bergh stated in 1866 that the mission of ASPCA is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”