Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Decision Making is a process that, even as a non-marketer, is done regularly. Everybody does this process regarding purchasing a product or even attempting anything. The process is the five steps of recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase behavior. This process can be used to order takeout from an Italian restaurant even.

First step is recognition. I am new to the area of Salt Lake City, Utah, having only moved in this week. I am hungry and am craving Italian. But I am unaware of where everything is in this city. Meaning that I am definitely going to do takeout since I am not ready to explore the city yet. So, I Google Italian restaurants near me. I see many restaurants and recognize that my budget is $30 for a meal comprising one dish. Which means I have already decided that I will not buy from any fancy Italian restaurants since they are more likely to have more expensive dishes.

Second step is information search. I look at Google reviews of the restaurants to make sure I am getting my money’s worth. There cannot be brief reviews because then the restaurant does not seem trustworthy enough to eat there. There can also not be a lot of reviews because it means that it would be harder to get takeout. As well as the takeout could take really long because of how in-demand a seat at a restaurant like this could be.

Third step is evaluation of alternatives. I have many options of what restaurants I want to pick from. My options are Michelangelo’s On Main, and Stoneground Italian Kitchen. They are both nearby each other and their menu corresponds with my budget of $50 for a main course meal and a drink. And possibly a dessert if I’ve got any leftover change. I’m looking at each menu. The menu of Michelangelo’s On Main looks more appetizing and the pictures on Google look delicious.

Fourth step is purchase. I decided on ordering a Chicken Parmesan with a dessert of a chocolate mousse cake because I’m feeling fancy shmancy. I decide against buying a drink because water is $4, and that is unreasonable. My total amounts to $24.98. (Without taxes). I pay for the meal and leave a $5 tip for the delivery person.

Fifth step is post-purchase. Once my food came, I devoured it. The food was good, and I enjoyed it. I feel satisfied with my purchase and will buy from this restaurant again. And that is how the Customer Decisions Making process can be used in actual life situations.

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