Kettle Gryp

The pitch that appeared on the show that resonated the most with me was the Kettle Gryp. As somebody who doesn’t really enjoy working out but does it anyway, it’s definitely a product that could make me enjoy working out and help me see results faster. As well as, it has such a wide appeal audience. And all this from the comfort of your own home.

They present the concept of the product as such; a product that can turn a dumbbell into a kettle bell, thus saving money and time and easy to travel with. This product allows the customer to have a more diverse catalog of exercises to do with these Kettles Gryps, which include weight and flexibility training. ThIs product helps to fill the gap between people that want to workout but do not have the time to go to a gym, those who are too afraid to enter, and those that quarantine at home during these times of COVID.

This product makes workout a lot easier. As someone who looks for a quick workout that will help tone but build up my flexibility, I could use this as quickly as I need to with several motions that I could use. Without having to switch to different equipments as well. Customers would in fact feel like they NEED this product. People such as my mother who works 7 days a week cannot take time off just to go to the gym. This product allows for the user to come home and use whenever ready without having to change or switch around anything if they do not have time. It’s fast and efficient.

The product could be best positioned in accords to more variety in the product’s look. Some people could look for a custom look in their belongings so that could be a way to better position themselves.

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  1. Fioriliana Cuadrado

    Hi Ferliana,
    I love how you gave an example of who needs it. Mothers work very hard and going to the gym on their only time off isn’t something someone wants to do. You say that the best way to position it is through the product’s look and I think a working mom is a perfect look for the product. Very interesting points!

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