Week B

In Week B, we will focus on two units of study: Unit 3: The Marketing Environment & Unit 4: Global Vision.

We’ve made it to Unit 3: The Marketing Environment this week, where we will learn about how an organization must adapt its marketing plan to the elements in the external environment. Think of the things organizations have had to alter about their operations and how they market their products and services to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic! 

External forces, or circumstances outside of an organization’s control continually mold and reshape the target market which consumes products and services. Because of these changes, marketers have to be quick-thinking and strategic to not lose market share, and must always be able to showcase an organization in the best light. We’ll learn about and discuss the marketing environment for this week’s assignment.

In Unit 4: Global Vision we will learn about why it matters for organizations to think beyond the confines of their local customer base and market their products and services more broadly. We’ll also examine the challenges that arise from global expansion, and how organizations and marketers need to be sensitive to cultural differences across country borders.

We’ll learn about some marketing mistakes that have been made when organizations have failed to understand norms in new countries they expand to, and share examples of marketing campaigns that as a result did more harm than good.

Use the Week B  links in our Course Schedule to access our Course Materials and Assignments for this week. As a reminder, all assignments must be submitted by Friday, February 18, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.