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jheylinna ramos

Hello! My name is jheylinna. My major is digital marketing. I'm interested in photography as well as I'm into sneakers. I also enjoy making simple and easy dishes such as chicken Alfredo, tacos, chicken over rice etc. Here’s my BMCC email:

Aldon Lamb

Hi all! My name is Aldon and I am a business management major. I spend most of my time with my husband and our big mutt of a dog, Elton. My hobbies include exploring Japanese cuisine around NYC, seeing as many concerts as I can and hosting dinner parties on our rooftop. I'm in college for the first time in my life at a later age and that's pretty cool! Here’s my BMCC email:

Danming Li

Hi, eveyone, my name is Danming Li, you guys can call me hobbies wish to travel another country and like to go shooping with friends. my major is accounting . I am 24 year. I am from china. I am come to united states like 10 year ago. thanks. Here’s my BMCC email:

Ferliana Cuadrado

Hi, my name is Ferliana Cuadrado. I’m 18 years old and I’m a Liberal Arts major. My hobbies include dancing, drawing, and playing games. My twin sister is also in this course so if you confuse us, that’s understandable. Here’s my BMCC email:

Amani Almontaser

My name is Amani Almontaser and I’m from Yemen. I would like to major in General business management. My hobbies are drawing and cooking. I’m an independent person and like to try new things in life even though it’s scary I would give it a try because we live once we need to enjoy it. Here’s my BMCC email:

Fioriliana Cuadrado

Hi! My name is Fioriliana but I prefer to guess by Fiori. I’m 18 and my pronouns are she/her. This is only my second semester in college and my first asynch class so I really do apologize for the late registration and sending this card to the wrong course. I love to dance, film, and watch netflix. I have a twin sister in this class so if you see two names that are very similar, it’s two different people. Here’s my BMCC email:

Klaudia Przybyla

My name is Klaudia Przybyla. I am 23 years old. I'm originally from Poland. I'm a graphic design major. I love being outdoors. I really enjoy hiking and just spending days at the beach. Here’s my BMCC email: Oh. I didn't submit the mashup, only the 5 images. Can I submit the mashup tonight.

Adrian Ceballos

Hey I’m Adrian and I’m from uptown Manhattan (dyckman). My major is currently business management and a few things I like to do is play basketball workout and just have fun. Im kind of nervous but excited for this class this semester. Here’s my BMCC email: