Week G Assignment

For our Week G Assignment, we will use our new knowledge of personal selling and social media marketing to inform a reflection on the award-winning feature length film The Joneses. The film is available for students through Plex free of charge here.

Please note: this film is rated R — please be conscious of this as you determine when and where to watch this film. There is some explicit content.

After you watch this film, reflect on what you’ve learned in this unit, and respond to the following questions:

  • Would you categorize the way the Jones family lives as personal selling? Why or why not?
  • What similarities do you see between the sales tactics the Jones family employs and the marketing tactics of some of your favorite brands? Give an example.
  • Based on what you read in the course materials and what you observed in this movie, do you think the way products are marketed in this movie is ethical?
  • How would you feel if you were friends with someone in the Jones family before you found out their secret? What about afterward?

Here are the steps students should take to complete and submit this assignment:

  1. Follow this guide to create a new post, and add in your assignment so that classmates can view your submission.
  2. Select “The Joneses” as the Category. All submissions will populate under the Student Work menu item (Student Work > The Joneses). 
  3. No need to comment on each others’ work this time — it’s our last assignment!

As always, if you need more information, you can ask me a question. For information on due dates, check our Course Schedule.