Week A

In Week A, we will focus on two units of study: Unit 1: The Marketing Function & Unit 2: Ethics & Social Responsibility.

In Unit 1: The Marketing Function we’ll be learning about how organizations use marketing to reach their customers, or the people or organizations with needs or wants the organization can satisfy with its products or services. Businesses need customers to make money and stay afloat, and customers (like us!) need products and services to live their lives. The magic happens when the products and services and needs and wants are in alignment!

We’ll also take a look at how brands and products are positioned in the marketplace. We’ll watch a video about hidden messages in brand logos, and find some of our own.

In Unit 2: Ethics & Social Responsibility we’ll be learning about how organizations have to uphold ethical standards in their operations, and what the consequences may be if they do not.

We’ll also learn about social responsibility, or the desire and expectation society has for organizations to help better the world.

Use the Week A links in our Course Schedule to access our Course Materials and Assignments for this unit. As a reminder, all assignments must be submitted by Friday, February 11, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.