Week C Assignment

Our Week C Assignment will apply what we’ve learned in this unit about Consumer Decision Making.

In the first unit of study of this semester, we learned about marketing in general and why it is so important. In this unit, we dove deeper into consumer decision making and how marketing can have a considerable influence as to whether a customer chooses your organization’s product or a competitor’s product.

As mentioned in our OER module, when consumers buy products, particularly new or expensive items, they generally follow the consumer decision-making process: (1) need recognition, (2) information search, (3) evaluation of alternatives, (4) purchase, and (5) post-purchase behavior. Imagine you have just moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and you want to order Italian takeout. Where would you start?

Do some research into Salt Lake City Italian restaurants, and identify the attributes of each that appeal to you. What kind of Italian food are you looking for? Fancy? Casual? Are you willing to pick up the food, or will you only accept delivery? What is your price threshold?

Go through the motions of the first three stages of the consumer decision-making process, listed above and described in more detail in the course materials for this unit. Then, describe which restaurant you picked and why as part of the fourth stage of the consumer decision-making process.

In a 1-2 page paper and in your own words, describe what this process was like as a consumer who otherwise had no knowledge of the area and/or had not seen targeted ads about the restaurants you are researching in this metropolitan area (Salt Lake City, Utah). How did you start doing your research? What restaurants did you find that you would ultimately consider? What did you realize about the consumer decision-making process? How might your preferences compare to other consumers?

In order to receive full credit for this assignment, please respond to all questions in this prompt.

Here are the steps students should take to complete and submit this assignment:

  1. Follow this guide to create a new post, and add in your assignment so that classmates can view and comment on your submission.
  2. Select “Consumer Decision Making” as the Category. All submissions will populate under the Student Work menu item (Student Work > Consumer Decision Making). 
  3. Students should review others’ submissions and comment meaningfully (refer to this guide from MMSU for reference) to at least two other students. For reference, here is the difference between a comment and a post — you will be using both for this assignment.

As always, if you need more information, you can ask me a question. For information on due dates, check our Course Schedule.