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ASAP Academic Success Workshops

Join our peer-facilitated Academic Success Workshops to enhance your academic skills! All BMCC and ASAP students are welcome. – While our Spring workshop series have completed, we look forward to seeing you back in Fall ’20.

Teach On!

Teach On!

A space for faculty to share ideas about how to support student learning during the transition to distance learning for the remainder of Spring 2020. Please request to join if you are faculty at BMCC. Click on […]

ASAP Exhibition: Unsung Heroines of Color

The exhibition is part of the SP2020 Women’s History Month series of events and its mission is to highlight the contribution of women of color to the suffrage movement and of the causes BMCC students embrace in […]


Information on the BMCC Makerspace (opened to all faculty and students)

Opening Gateway Project Summer 2020

In this project I will apply Active Learning strategies I have learned at the Opening Gateways seminars such as Webwork, EdPuzzle, Plickers, Inquiry Base Learning, Flipped Classroom, Universal Design for Learning, […]

ASAP Premedical Society

The mission of the Premedical Society is to provide an opportunity for all BMCC students interested in medical and/or health related careers to organize a community; and with the help of the society’s events and r […]

ASAP Scholarship Workshops

The ASAP Scholarship workshops and bootcamps are designed to help you through the scholarship application process. Topics discussed range from identifying academic opportunities to writing a scholarship essay and […]

ASAP Tutoring

ASAP tutoring services consist of tutoring on Upswing and Supplemental Instructions (SI) sessions on Zoom. All tutoring sessions are online until further notice.

Corona Virus Escapism

Corona Virus Escapism

Kuleshov Experiment

Kuleshov Experiment Kuleshov Experiment

Opening Gateways Project

In this project I will apply Active Learning strategies I have learned at the Opening Gateways seminars.

Fire Loop Animation

Fire Loop Animation

This is an looping GIF of a fire. I used the straight ahead technique to create this animation.