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Week E

The pitch that resonated the most with me was the product that helps to soothe anxiety. As humans, anxiety is something we feel from time to time or even on a regular basis. Calm stripes help when the pressure of a day becomes too much and overwhelming.

The product Calm Stripes brings a person into a calm environment. This product is a textured sensory strip and is created from soft sand so it won’t scratch things such as your fingertips or laptop when you begin to fidget. They take into consideration that the product is safe due to some people accidentally harming themselves which can happen while having anxiety. They are also intended for all age groups as well. This allows consumers to feel like this product is providing beneficial benefits. 

Today this is a beautiful concept as it soothes users. It provides awareness on anxiety and optimizes it and it is quite affordable as well as it comes in a multiple pack. I truly believe that this was a great investment for the sharks. The mental wellness of a being is on a spread out spectrum. By investing in a product that can potentially help so many people they can spread the product through many different kinds of advertisement and inform people of this product that helps with anxiety and the impulsiveness that may come with a person’s anxiety. Now I think what would bring more attractiveness to a consumer’s eye would be customizable in both color, shape, and size. But considering the cost it may need to manufacture a hopefully large sum of customizable products they would need the sharks investment in their company maybe.


Week E Assignment

While watching the thirteenth episode of Shark Tank’s thirteenth season, one company stood out to me more than the rest because of the emotional appeal. Calm Strips is a company that I enjoyed learning about because it was the only one I wanted to purchase. I could see myself as a returning customer. The reason I wanted to buy is for the exact reason they created their product. As a neurodivergent individual, sometimes anxiety and restlessness tend to interrupt my focus, and something as simple as having something to fidget with actually helps me stay on task. Calm Strips are zero-residue and reusable sensory strips meant to relax any person who may deal with feelings of anxiety.

The creators of Calm Strips recognize that anxiety has no age limit or gender, so they created a universal product that can reach everyone. They understand that common fidgets like spinners, cubes, and other toy-like devices can be easily lost and sometimes distracting to people other than the user. Hence, they created a safe, quiet, and discreet tool to improve the users’ focus without interrupting others. The Calm Strips creators also recognized that most fidget devices seem like fads and reassured the Sharks that this is not a fad product because it’s not a toy. This distinguishment allows the target demographic to exceed beyond just children. In addition, Calm Strips are reusable and residue-free, allowing users to use them in most places by removing them from one object to another.

Calm Strips appeals to customers for many reasons, but one of the most appealing aspects is the price. A pack of five strips only costs $12.99, and this shows that the creators realize that the customers are likely to be parents or educators of neurodivergent individuals. Usually, educators have difficulty finding solutions to their students’ needs. Parents spend a lot of money on services and resources for their neuroatypical children, so having a product that doesn’t break the bank is beneficial. Another remarkable aspect is the designs of the strips; they’re all unisex and have lots of variety for no additional cost. Lastly, the product has a default estimated delivery of 3-4 days for only $3. Most people don’t like to pay more for quick shipping so having fast shipping for a reasonable price keeps customers returning.

Week E

The Kettle Gryp is the product that most resonated with me after watching Shark Tank episode 13. This piqued my interest because, as someone who has weights at home, I can easily convert them to dumbbells without spending any extra money. Not only will I use them, but anyone else in my household who works out will be able to use them as well, which is convenient for everyone. It also provides safety when using them and is portable, making it very convenient.

This item is marketed as a portable dumbbell adapter, allowing users to perform all kettlebell exercises with any dumbbell weight up to 55 pounds. It enables you to perform wings, upright rows, overhead presses, flexibility, and range of motion exercises. This product allows you to perform kettlebell exercises in a safe manner and allows you to do these exercises at home or in a gym because it is portable. This machine is not only portable and safe, but it is also very inexpensive, costing $34.95.

After reviewing all aspects of this product, one suggestion that may appeal to consumers is custom colors instead of the orange. When purchasing this product, there should be a wide color variation because not many people will want a bright orange kettle Gryp.

Shark Tank

Where product marketing is concerned, the needs of the target customers take precedence so the promotion of that product should be concentrated on reeling them in. Listening to the four different groups make their respective pitch to the panel, I was most impressed with the presentation of the Kettle Gryp. It was compelling because it was funny, straight forward ( you know what it’s used for), simple, it was easy to set up, and the product was aesthetically pleasing (I have a weakness for orange). The guys worked as a team and they were able to provide all the answers to all the questions thrown at them. They never fumbled and their financial information was readily available. This is a product that anybody who wants to exercise can use.

This is a tangible product that is essentially in the growth stage of the product cycle. Customers will look at the quality, the design, the usefulness of the product and of course, the price. This is what makes the product concept important. Customers who really like a product will choose it over a less expensive brand. The presenters were asked about knock offs and they responded that there already a few copy cats out there, but the quality of their product was superior. They did back that up with their sales figures and their financial projection did help as well. Their problem was their marketing spin was not up to par and they needed help with their distribution. They said they had a problem getting into the big box stores. Sales, marketing and distribution are important factors in the product concept. That is a potential for greater revenue and they have been doing pretty well so far.

This is a new product on the market or what is called a novel idea. And with the launch of any new and interesting products, there comes the curiosity of the customers. The Kettle Gryp appears to be functional, convenient and safe. Gym goers generally use dumb bells or kettlebells. It is said that kettlebells are better for cardio than dumbbells so I suppose that’s where the appeal comes in in integrating the two. Kettlebells are expensive and not easy to travel with. The Gryp is portable and allows you to use a dumbbell in it where ever you can. It’s really convenient. It can be a positive for those new to weight lifting. They (the owners) said that because of the pandemic, and the resulting gym closures, they were able to compensate and fill a gap for those needing to exercise. Not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment. People will generally have a pair of dumbbells at home, nothing fancy. Here is the opportunity to ramp up your exercise program without going overboard. The dumbbell just goes into the case and voila.

The business owners in this case have made the necessary steps in this case to lock in their brand. They approached Shark Tank for help so that they could get a greater return. They’re looking for help financially so their customer base can be expanded and their brand can become more easily recognizable. If customers feel they are getting their value in a product They will have no problems paying the price.

Week E

Out of all the pitches presented in this episode of Shark Tank, the one that interested me the most was the Calm Strips. It is easy to get overwhelmed in daily life, so having an immediate source of relief is a good option to have around.

There were several points highlighted in the product concept. Firstly it’s an anxiety reducing sticker that can be conveniently placed according to the individuals needs. The concept is similar to other products that provide sensory and tactile stimulation. Calm Strips also have a good profit margin in comparison to the cost it takes to make them which makes it appealing for the sharks while having an affordable price for the consumer.

The product is sold in packs of five which can serve a multitude of purposes; you could have them in multiple places. Also since Calm strips are stickers, they’re not likely to be lost compared to other options in the market. This product has been heavily marketed towards schools and children. I feel like with this kind of market, customized stickers would be a great option to get peoples attention.

Overall I think Calm Strips are a good, affordable option for people who have anxiety and want a discreet but effective way to calm themselves down. It is definitely a product that will have a place in the market considering the increased stress that everyone is facing.

Kettle Gryp

The pitch that appeared on the show that resonated the most with me was the Kettle Gryp. As somebody who doesn’t really enjoy working out but does it anyway, it’s definitely a product that could make me enjoy working out and help me see results faster. As well as, it has such a wide appeal audience. And all this from the comfort of your own home.

They present the concept of the product as such; a product that can turn a dumbbell into a kettle bell, thus saving money and time and easy to travel with. This product allows the customer to have a more diverse catalog of exercises to do with these Kettles Gryps, which include weight and flexibility training. ThIs product helps to fill the gap between people that want to workout but do not have the time to go to a gym, those who are too afraid to enter, and those that quarantine at home during these times of COVID.

This product makes workout a lot easier. As someone who looks for a quick workout that will help tone but build up my flexibility, I could use this as quickly as I need to with several motions that I could use. Without having to switch to different equipments as well. Customers would in fact feel like they NEED this product. People such as my mother who works 7 days a week cannot take time off just to go to the gym. This product allows for the user to come home and use whenever ready without having to change or switch around anything if they do not have time. It’s fast and efficient.

The product could be best positioned in accords to more variety in the product’s look. Some people could look for a custom look in their belongings so that could be a way to better position themselves.

Shark Tank Products

After watching multiple pitches of different products with different purposes on ABC’s Shark Tank, a particular product very intrigued me. That product was the “Kettle Gryp.” Personally, for me, I am not very intense about the gym. I try to get a workout in without all the equipment because why would I spend so much money on them? The Kettle Gryp is a gym equipment converter that turns dumbbells into kettlebells. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to stay fit at home without the expense of getting so much equipment. How it works is that a dumbbell is put into the open converter, then you close it, and once it’s closed, you can start using it. It’s that easy. The product concept presented to the sharks was that it was convenient in how you didn’t have to pay extra for kettlebells and it’s easier to move around rather than an actual kettlebell. Being able to have a convenient workout with the equipment you already have is what fills the gap. The purpose of it is just to be reliable, efficient, and convenient because you don’t need to buy 3 more kettlebells to get the workout you need. The process this product makes easier is having to buy more gym equipment when you can save time and money by buying a $35 converter. Making a one-time purchase is better than having to buy several kettlebells because you want to move up in weights. The demographic that this product is for needs this product because it’s a great way to get a good workout at such a cheap price. It gives the same results with less money. I think the product could be best-positioned branding-wise. I believe this because there is nothing else about the product that sets it apart from others. There’s nothing eye-catching about it so I believe that setting an image for the brand is best so that it can bring in more customers with its image.

Product Concepts

The KETTLE GRYP was the pitch that impacted me the most during the Shark Tank show. Kettle Gryp is a tool that uses a lightweight attachment to transform dumbbells into kettlebells. It’s perfect for traveling, at-home use, or at the gym. KETTLE GRYP can support strong weights of up to 55 pounds. It’s easier to work out at home, it’s safer, and it’s simple to keep inspiring you to use dumbbells for Weight loss. You can also take the KETTLE GRYP to the gym and have a good time with the product. Many gyms may purchase this product to place in the gym for customs to use. This device is ideal for folks who enjoy lifting dumbbells without wearing gloves to safeguard their hands. KETTLE GRYP seems to protect your hands from injuries while you’re working out.
Suppliers had a terrific pitch. They knew how to engage everyone and they gave examples of how to use it and where you can use it and demonstrated how to capture consumers’ attention. I like how the two partners came together and they told their stories about how they came up with the idea of KETTLE GRYP. They were both well-prepared, with their products and product information neatly organized. and they had fun with the information In a good way.

Supplies figured out how to correctly present it and encourage you to purchase it. Even the people that are watching shark tank on TV were probably encouraged to buy KETTLE GRYP for their dumbbells at-home workout. I really enjoyed the first pitch because it motivated me to work and buy one and when I use dumbbells my hands burn without using gloves but I feel like KETTLE GRYP will be able to protect my hands from getting bruises.

Product Concepts

The pitch that resonated with me the most on the Shark Tank season 13, episode 13 was the Kettle Gryp pitch.  On a personal level, this product nailed the “product concept” for me as someone who often has to travel for work and finds themselves in a hotel gym with a few sparse dumbells–and the Kettle Gryp could easily fit in luggage to enable a better workout by turning dumbells into a kettle bell (something that would obviously be impractical to travel with) and allow me to get a more personal workout that mirrors the workout I get in my home gym.  Essentially, this product is just a plastic molding with a locking hinge that snaps around the handle of an existing dumbbell, and then allows a consumer to grip the larger plastic handle above just like a fully metal kettle bell.  Its genius is in its simplicity, in terms of the actual manufacturing of the product, and of filling a void in the market for those who may travel, or maybe have a home gym with lots of dumbells.  It could even fill a void for larger professional gyms that wish to offer members more versatility without having to buy another full set of differently weighted kettle bells.  I think if the product was marketing heavily to an active lifestyle demographic, many folks would feel that not only do they want the Kettle Gryp, but that they need the kettle gryp to have a more functional workout at home, or perhaps on the road if they travel often for work.  I actually think this product is something I would buy, and in terms of comparision to the other pitches on this episode of Shark Tank, these entrepreneurs did a far superior job of identifying a product “with legs” (pun intended, sorry…) that can serve to fill a previously unidentified void in the fitness and healthy living marketplace.  In terms of best positioning, this product could and should be priced in a cost or price sensitive manner; kettle bells are not terribly expensive, so this product needs to be a cost-effective solution.  Also, as the founders mention in the episode, getting the right “distribution channels” (in this case, big box stores like WalMart or Target) are going to be crucial both to help drive revenue and exposure.  I think if other consumers began to see folks using these at the gym, at a friends house, etc that can help the brand gain more traction. As far as lifecycle, the company will likely need to find other ways to innovate the existing Kettle Gryp and also develop other products that can help drive revenue beyond the first few years of initial sales of the Kettle Gryp.

Week E – Product Concepts

“Calm Strips” was the pitch that resonated with me the most. Calm Strips are a product that can help relieve anxiety simply by scratching. Calm strips are a healthy way to relax. The strips are textured sensory adhesive that aids in the reduction of fidgeting, the increase of focus, and the regulation of restless energy. This product is reusable and is residue-free. You may put it on your laptop, phone, lunchbox, and so on. This product is available in several designs. Anxiety is quite common among individuals, and this product empirically helps with anxiety, takes up little room, and is affordable, which is why consumers need it. Kids in this period have begun vaping for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, and I feel this product might assist such people without endangering their health. I believe this product was worthwhile for the sharks to invest in. This product may be best positioned to appeal to customers if it is made customizable, allowing buyers to add their own pictures to the product. Another option is to market (through ads and posters) this product at stationery stores, which would garner a lot of attention. Overall, I liked the idea behind this product.