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Media Arts and Technology Department

This community is for the students, faculty and staff of the Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department and anyone who is interested in the department and its activities.

2020 BMCC Advisement Conference

BMCC Fifth Annual Advisement Conference 2020

Resilient Teaching Fall 2020

A community space for the Fall 2020 Resilient Teaching workshop.

MEA Faculty and Staff

MEA Faculty and Staff

This project is for planning and administration of the Media Arts and Technology Department. It is an internal project and has information and resources for the faculty and staff. Please ask to join if you teach […]

ASAP Premedical Society

The mission of the Premedical Society is to provide an opportunity for all BMCC students interested in medical and/or health related careers to organize a community; and with the help of the society’s events and r […]

Resilient Teaching

A community space for resilient teachers at BMCC.

BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy Workshop Summer 2020

This community is open to all interested in trauma informed teaching and learning, but was designed for the BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy August 2020 workshop series.

BMCC Reads

BMCC Reads – The space for sharing books, reviews, clubs, films and ideas

BMCC | COIL: Collaborative Online International Learning

A space for faculty to learn about virtual global exchange

Research and Scholarship

Updates on faculty and student scholarships

The Math Group

This is an open space to talk about MATHEMATICS

Teaching on the OpenLab

Teaching on the OpenLab

A place for BMCC faculty who are teaching (or considering teaching) on the OpenLab to connect and share ideas. Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay