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The Joneses

The Joneses was a great movie. Personally, I would categorize the Jones family’s lives as personal selling. Just because they don’t tell the client to buy the product straight up doesn’t mean they’re not telling them to buy it. For example, when Steve went up to Larry to convince him to buy some gifts for Summer to improve his romantic relationship with her he wasn’t telling Larry he had to buy it, but he suggested it could help because it works on Steve’s relationship. Steve was telling him to buy the products without being obvious about it, like how Summer would market her products. The family is smart about the way they present themselves and the products. It’s strategic so that a customer would subconsciously think, “Wow, that’s so pretty. I have to buy it.”

I don’t have a favorite brand just because I don’t pay attention too much to brands, so I personally can’t tell any similarities between the Jones family and a brand.

I don’t think the way they marketed the products in the movie was ethical at all. They entered people’s lives and built a relationship with them just for it all to be a lie. It ended up with Larry committing suicide because of all the products the family was marketing. It went too far.

If I were friends with someone in that family and found out their secret, I would be so upset. I would feel lied to and exploited just for personal gain. I would probably be very petty and expose them just because what they’re doing to the neighborhood is just messed up. I would reassure them I wouldn’t tell anyone, then tell everyone.

Shark Tank Products

After watching multiple pitches of different products with different purposes on ABC’s Shark Tank, a particular product very intrigued me. That product was the “Kettle Gryp.” Personally, for me, I am not very intense about the gym. I try to get a workout in without all the equipment because why would I spend so much money on them? The Kettle Gryp is a gym equipment converter that turns dumbbells into kettlebells. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to stay fit at home without the expense of getting so much equipment. How it works is that a dumbbell is put into the open converter, then you close it, and once it’s closed, you can start using it. It’s that easy. The product concept presented to the sharks was that it was convenient in how you didn’t have to pay extra for kettlebells and it’s easier to move around rather than an actual kettlebell. Being able to have a convenient workout with the equipment you already have is what fills the gap. The purpose of it is just to be reliable, efficient, and convenient because you don’t need to buy 3 more kettlebells to get the workout you need. The process this product makes easier is having to buy more gym equipment when you can save time and money by buying a $35 converter. Making a one-time purchase is better than having to buy several kettlebells because you want to move up in weights. The demographic that this product is for needs this product because it’s a great way to get a good workout at such a cheap price. It gives the same results with less money. I think the product could be best-positioned branding-wise. I believe this because there is nothing else about the product that sets it apart from others. There’s nothing eye-catching about it so I believe that setting an image for the brand is best so that it can bring in more customers with its image.

Week C

Moving to a new city is rough and having to learn where everything is must be very confusing. I am personally a very shy person, so I don’t think I would go to a fancy restaurant or any restaurant.

  1. I recognize that I really want Italian cuisine, but I don’t know where anything is.
  2. I now have to search for information. I googled “Italian restaurants in Salt Lake City.” I based my search on the first few restaurants google had for me because I was starving and wanted to get my food as soon as possible.
  3. It is now time to narrow my search. My budget is around $50 ($60 if I’m feeling fancy). I just moved to a new city and I am not made of money, so any restaurant that has 3 or more dollar signs on it is immediately out. So that means: Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar, Valter’s Osteria, Veneto Ristorante Italiano, and Cucina Toscana. Scrolling through the restaurants, I realize that I’m taking way too long and I feel even hungrier than I did before. So I decide to make my decision based on the descriptions of the restaurants. Any description that says the restaurant is fancy or makes it seem like it is, is immediately out. I’m not feeling very social. I’m feeling very attracted to the family and chain businesses. My goal is to get a very casual restaurant.
  4. I have ultimately decided on Michaelangelo’s on Main. It has a 4.2 score on google so it seems like a very nice restaurant. The description didn’t say family or chain, but it said that it was casual. Since I just moved here, I want to make friends by going to a more casual area. Plus, I don’t really like fancy restaurants. Finally, my hunger is gone. I bought the chicken ravioli and the cannoli. It was delicious.
  5. I enjoyed my meal.

As a consumer, this process was actually very familiar. I feel like we as consumers do research on places we want to go or things we want to buy and subconsciously partake in this process. Many people like doing their research on anything they buy because they are using their money on that purchase. They don’t want to feel any consumers’ remorse. They would feel like they wasted their money after they worked hard to earn it. It’s understandable because money doesn’t grow on trees. No one wants to have an unwanted purchase. This process felt like I really was doing my research and was actually finding something that was good for me rather than going based on what’s popular. I started doing my research by searching for Italian restaurants in Salt Lake City. There were so many to choose from. There are a few restaurants that I would consider. I would consider Michaelangelo’s on Main, The Old Spaghetti Factory, and Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. They suit my taste and what I am looking for in a restaurant. I realized that the consumer decision process was actually a lot easier than I expected. I could do this process right now if I wanted to. It’s really easy to apply to everyday life. My preferences might compare to other consumers because of my personality. I am more comfortable in a casual setting than I am in a fancy one. Another consumer may prefer a fancy setting and that could be the reason behind them choosing a completely different restaurant than I did. Also, they may have a higher budget than I do. They could be more comfortable spending more money than I am. Another thing is, they could’ve just liked another restaurant. Even if another consumer had the same requirements that I did, that doesn’t mean that we would’ve picked the same restaurants. They were a lot of different restaurants on the list, so, of course, they could’ve just gone with another option.


Fioriliana Cuadrado

Hi! My name is Fioriliana but I prefer to guess by Fiori. I’m 18 and my pronouns are she/her. This is only my second semester in college and my first asynch class so I really do apologize for the late registration and sending this card to the wrong course. I love to dance, film, and watch netflix. I have a twin sister in this class so if you see two names that are very similar, it’s two different people. Here’s my BMCC email: