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The Joneses

Steve, Kate, Jenn, and Mick Jones look like a perfect family who moved to a suburban neighborhood. They appear to be the model of perfection. The neighbors all wish they could be like them. And by being this perfect, they sell their products. The family is just a collection of four strange individuals who are trying to sell things. I’d caterogize the family as personal seliing. It is clear from the start that they are trying to sell their products. They didn’t waste time.  One of their first tasks after moving into the new house was to get a picture taken. Once someone snapped the picture Mick began telling about the camera, not forgetting to mention the brand. Despite the fact that the family was not selling the products, they were expressing how great they were, and how much they recommended them. Instead of comparing the family to the brand, I would compare it to influencers, podcasters, and youtubers. They get paid by telling their listeners how much they like a certain product and how they couldn’t live without it. Influencers and youtubers often present their lives as perfect. People are not willing to show the bad parts of their lives on social media, which is understandable. People aren’t always aware that their lives aren’t as flawless as those people show them to be. There were definitely unethical marketing methods in this movie.  The family moved to a new town. The family tried to convince other families that their lives aren’t perfect. When I met this family, I’d probably believe them at first, but after getting to know them better, I’d become suspicious of how perfect their lives are.


Klaudia Przybyla

DIOZPL                                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03/18/2022



Polish Rescue Group – Save pets from Ukraine war zone. No animals left behind.

Jelenia Gora, Poland: DIOZPL is a Polish Pro-Anmial Foundation.They announced that they will drive into Ukraine to rescue the pets. No animals left behind. This mission aims to rescue abandoned and homeless animals.

 “The current situation in Ukraine is difficult for both: people and animals”, says one of the volunteer on DIOZPL Instagram and Facebook.

Specifically, the areas that the foundation is focusing are:

  • Organize collections of food and medicine for dogs, and other animals.
  • Evacuate the dogs to the organization in Poland
  • Donate food and medicine to the shelters in Ukraine. And also to people.

About DIOZPL: It is a Pro-Animal Foundation. The Polish volunteers risk their lives by driving into the Ukraine war zone to save the poor animals. Diozpl is based in a town named Jelenia Gora. The organization focuses on the Ukrainian animals these days. However, their main goal is to rescue and provide the best for dogs in Poland.


The task of selecting a restaurant while on vacation is like a full-time job. I enjoy dining at restaurants that provide a charming atmosphere, friendly service, and a memorable experience. The cuisine I enjoy most is Italian. Growing up in Europe, I traveled to Italy for the first time as a six-year-old. Ever since I have been fascinated by Italian food and culture. Many people think Italian food is only pizza and pasta. However, Italian food is much more than that. It cannot be beaten in terms of flavors and quality.

It is my intention to find the best of the best Italian restaurants while I am in Salt Lake City.

I will need to infinity my recognition first. For dinner, I decided to find an Italian restaurant. Whenever it comes to Italian food, I am very particular. I’m looking for an authentic restaurant serving fresh pasta and ingredients of the highest quality. I am willing to spend more to dine at a restaurant that will give me an unforgettable experience.

Next, I will do an information search. Google’s top 10 restaurants should be avoided. There are some restaurants that are popular on google search, but they aren’t necessarily the best. In many cases, these aren’t the places where locals dine. Social media plays an important role in the food industry. I am seeking accounts of local foodies and Instagrammers who are passionate about food. I will also check Facebook groups. I don’t use Facebook daily but I really think that Facebook groups are great for this. I’ll check the Foodie groups, and if I don’t see a post about Italian restaurants in Salt Lake City, I’ll just create a new one.

My social-media search helped me to find those three Italian restaurants. Creators of the blogs, and instagram called those spots as authentic Italian food with the experience like anything in Utah. La Trattoria Di Francesco, Antica Sicilia, and Sicilia Mia. 

After checking the restaurant reviews, social media, and reading about the history of the restaurant, I decided to go with Antica Sicilia. Food bloggers claim that this restaurant brings Italy to Utah. A truly memorable experience. I got to see the chefs prepare Carbonara in front of me. The food was delicious and I could tell that fresh ingredients had been used. The restaurant staff was friendly and helpful. Other customers could agree with me that the kitchen did a perfect job.

The restaurant marketing is really strong. All of the customers are well-attended at the restaurant. People are delighted by the chefs making a few meals in front of them. They make videos, post them on social media, and tag the restaurant. If the followers keep the name of the restaurant in mind for future visits to Salt Lake City. Another strong marketing move was the staff; The staff was amazing, really chatty and friendly. People who are having a good time at the restaurant tend to stay longer and order more food and drink.

As a consumer, I make very specific decisions when it comes to an unknown area and the same steps I take to find a good restaurant also apply when I am considering buying a new product and conducting market research.

Klaudia Przybyla

My name is Klaudia Przybyla. I am 23 years old. I'm originally from Poland. I'm a graphic design major. I love being outdoors. I really enjoy hiking and just spending days at the beach. Here’s my BMCC email: Oh. I didn't submit the mashup, only the 5 images. Can I submit the mashup tonight.