Week E

The pitch that resonated the most with me was the product that helps to soothe anxiety. As humans, anxiety is something we feel from time to time or even on a regular basis. Calm stripes help when the pressure of a day becomes too much and overwhelming.

The product Calm Stripes brings a person into a calm environment. This product is a textured sensory strip and is created from soft sand so it won’t scratch things such as your fingertips or laptop when you begin to fidget. They take into consideration that the product is safe due to some people accidentally harming themselves which can happen while having anxiety. They are also intended for all age groups as well. This allows consumers to feel like this product is providing beneficial benefits. 

Today this is a beautiful concept as it soothes users. It provides awareness on anxiety and optimizes it and it is quite affordable as well as it comes in a multiple pack. I truly believe that this was a great investment for the sharks. The mental wellness of a being is on a spread out spectrum. By investing in a product that can potentially help so many people they can spread the product through many different kinds of advertisement and inform people of this product that helps with anxiety and the impulsiveness that may come with a person’s anxiety. Now I think what would bring more attractiveness to a consumer’s eye would be customizable in both color, shape, and size. But considering the cost it may need to manufacture a hopefully large sum of customizable products they would need the sharks investment in their company maybe.


4 thoughts on “Week E

  1. Emmalyn

    The Calm Strips was a really interesting product to see on the show, especially with how the popularity of “fidget toys” has come to be in the last few years. I agree that it is more affordable since it comes in a multiple pack, and it also allows for versatility with that too since it allows consumers to pick placement on multiple different products they may be using at any given time. Providing a product to help those with anxiety and other difficulties relating to their mental wellness is very important, and as you said, a beautiful concept. I also agree that a customizable option would be really appealing for consumers as well, but that it could potentially be costly as well. Maybe if they designed their customizable options selectively it would allow for them to provide this service while also not delving too deeply into their products.

  2. Charmain Smith

    Hi Emmalyn,
    This pitch didn’t work for me because I figured this is something you have to see to believe. I would not want to purchase something that I’m not sure would produce any results. I would have to wait on someone close to me to buy it and actually see what it does.

  3. Ashley Rivera

    Hello, Jesliann. After reading your post, I fully understood the concept of the soothe anxiety product and could see how it could help people who suffer from anxiety. And I agree that mental wellness is important, and if this product can reach more people, it may be able to help them with their anxiety, which can also provide other benefits to their health, particularly if anxiety is negatively impacting their health. Another concept that I agree on is the customizable feature because it allows everyone to find a design that speaks to them, bringing more attention or traffic to their product.

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