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The Joneses

I would categorize the way the Joneses family lives as personal selling. Personal selling is an important form of advertising through themselves by personalizing the approach they give to the customer. It means that the seller of the product is interacting with the consumer in order to get them to purchase their goods. The Joneses’ entire life was to sell and promote, evidently it was their lifestyle. They made many connections and demonstrations in their everyday life to sell products that their company provided. They needed the relationships they created with people in order to sell their products. In the movie Kate Jones looks expensive and if everything she wears is personalized and fitted to her. She can sell the tracksuit without even speaking. Personally if I were to see Kate Jones in the streets I would just go up and ask her where her outfit was from myself. She is entirely advertising by the way she just looks as an individual. 

One of my favorite brands are Nike and H&M. Nike uses effective strategies such as celebrity sports endorsements, buying out competing sports brands, and using retail stores so they can meet their consumers without investing large amounts of money by opening chain specific stores. The Joneses use models and other people to promote their business. The exact same thing occurs with Nike by using celebrities in sports in their commercials and in meets up and just by simplifying having them wear their shoes and clothes.

The marketing is unethical. They built relationships and connections and in the end it was all a cover and a lie. They faked being rich and were essentially untouchable in a sense. They were like in a sort of a hierarchy in a sense by moving to an area where people were unhappy. By bringing their facade of a family to this area the people in there looked up to them in a way. Their sales were motivated by having to live up to a certain lifestyle and greed and envy. 

Personally if I were friends with someone in the Joneses family before finding out their secret I would lose all trust in them. I would wonder and question their morals as an individual. I would feel led on and wouldn’t even want to be friends with them  at all. I would feel disgusted and feel like the friendship and bond I had with them was never real. I would feel anger as well because of what they perceived themselves as and feel bad for the people they affected including myself. 


Week E

The pitch that resonated the most with me was the product that helps to soothe anxiety. As humans, anxiety is something we feel from time to time or even on a regular basis. Calm stripes help when the pressure of a day becomes too much and overwhelming.

The product Calm Stripes brings a person into a calm environment. This product is a textured sensory strip and is created from soft sand so it won’t scratch things such as your fingertips or laptop when you begin to fidget. They take into consideration that the product is safe due to some people accidentally harming themselves which can happen while having anxiety. They are also intended for all age groups as well. This allows consumers to feel like this product is providing beneficial benefits. 

Today this is a beautiful concept as it soothes users. It provides awareness on anxiety and optimizes it and it is quite affordable as well as it comes in a multiple pack. I truly believe that this was a great investment for the sharks. The mental wellness of a being is on a spread out spectrum. By investing in a product that can potentially help so many people they can spread the product through many different kinds of advertisement and inform people of this product that helps with anxiety and the impulsiveness that may come with a person’s anxiety. Now I think what would bring more attractiveness to a consumer’s eye would be customizable in both color, shape, and size. But considering the cost it may need to manufacture a hopefully large sum of customizable products they would need the sharks investment in their company maybe.


Week C

Consumer Decision Making has a few steps involved to make the best decision you can make for your best interest. It consists of recognition, information, evaluation of alternatives, and purchase.

My current search is looking for an Italian Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. A casual setting for a date or a brunch. Indoor seating and budgeting around $30-$70. 

The first step in this process is recognition. In this case it’s Italian Cuisine!

The second step in the process is searching for the information.  I started by searching on Safari for “ Italian Cuisine Salt Lake, Utah”. I then went onto a site called On this site you get about 20 recommended Italian Cuisine Restaurants with both ratings and reviews. You also get told how cheaper and how expensive the restaurants are. As well as being able to reserve online to those restaurants if you needed to do so.  

Osteria Amore is a restaurant with a fusion of Northern and Southern Italian flavor. They are exceptionally affordable and have excellent ratings and fit my standards. 

If an alternative was needed then I would choose Cafe Trio Downtown. It’s fit for both casual and a simple date or brunch . There is both indoor and outdoor seating which makes it perfect for any friendly lunch or dinner. 

Next, I looked at Stoneground Kitchen. Stoneground Kitchen has an exceptional rating with almost 1,000 reviews and the affordability around the chosen budget. 

Lastly, is the purchase. My final purchase will be Osteria Amore. It has a casual setting and affordable and delicious looking food on the menu.

Throughout this process I’ve concluded that being unfamiliar with an area such as Salt Lake City also was the same as the places I choose to eat here in my very own city. It also showed that being a consumer decision maker that you get the satisfaction at the end and enjoyment of those products.


Week 1

As someone who is always busy and on their feet, caffeine gets me through it. Starbucks is my go to. Starbucks is a widespread coffee chain that has made it their mission to ethically source and provide coffee and support it’s employees with good quality wages and healthcare. Starbucks pays more money than any other coffee purchaser to ensure that ethical supply chain management is occurring.

Starbucks includes beverages and baked goods for consumers. They also provide reusable cups to encourage consumers to be eco friendly. They are continuing to ethically source from farmers and suppliers. The foundation of the company itself relies on the high quality products that are provided for its consumers. It is an investment for the company supply chain. Both provide jobs for the workers and suppliers. Starbucks relies on the planet to provide its agricultural products. By using less energy and water they are conserving their usage of the planet. By being knowledgeable about the environment and their impact on the environment; creating innovative ways to protect the environment they are fulfilling their companies mission.

 I feel satisfied buying my daily drinks at Starbucks knowing they are taking the responsibility to continue finding renewable ways to restore energy and to reduce its companies waste. They also continue to create pathways and opportunities for young people through organizations which help spread the word of their overall mission. This also helps with building a stronger community within their mission, as Starbucks prides themselves through community. They provide safe and healthy choices for the community as well . With their outreach program they provide loans for farmers to protect them from economic hardship. They also respect individuals of all orientations. 

They also make conscious efforts to ensure anyone who stumbles upon their company sees their core values. They continue to take social responsibility by stapling their values and mission onto coffee cups, posters in the stores, and even have an entire section on their website about its responsibilities. Starbucks also displays an annual report showing their progress to their goal.

If I were to provide a recommendation to Starbucks I would say provide more training for new baristas. A critical part of their job is remembering the menu products. Another recommendation is providing higher wages for those who are more experienced and have been there for a much longer time.