Week E

Out of all the pitches presented in this episode of Shark Tank, the one that interested me the most was the Calm Strips. It is easy to get overwhelmed in daily life, so having an immediate source of relief is a good option to have around.

There were several points highlighted in the product concept. Firstly it’s an anxiety reducing sticker that can be conveniently placed according to the individuals needs. The concept is similar to other products that provide sensory and tactile stimulation. Calm Strips also have a good profit margin in comparison to the cost it takes to make them which makes it appealing for the sharks while having an affordable price for the consumer.

The product is sold in packs of five which can serve a multitude of purposes; you could have them in multiple places. Also since Calm strips are stickers, they’re not likely to be lost compared to other options in the market. This product has been heavily marketed towards schools and children. I feel like with this kind of market, customized stickers would be a great option to get peoples attention.

Overall I think Calm Strips are a good, affordable option for people who have anxiety and want a discreet but effective way to calm themselves down. It is definitely a product that will have a place in the market considering the increased stress that everyone is facing.

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