Week E – Product Concepts

“Calm Strips” was the pitch that resonated with me the most. Calm Strips are a product that can help relieve anxiety simply by scratching. Calm strips are a healthy way to relax. The strips are textured sensory adhesive that aids in the reduction of fidgeting, the increase of focus, and the regulation of restless energy. This product is reusable and is residue-free. You may put it on your laptop, phone, lunchbox, and so on. This product is available in several designs. Anxiety is quite common among individuals, and this product empirically helps with anxiety, takes up little room, and is affordable, which is why consumers need it. Kids in this period have begun vaping for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, and I feel this product might assist such people without endangering their health. I believe this product was worthwhile for the sharks to invest in. This product may be best positioned to appeal to customers if it is made customizable, allowing buyers to add their own pictures to the product. Another option is to market (through ads and posters) this product at stationery stores, which would garner a lot of attention. Overall, I liked the idea behind this product.

3 thoughts on “Week E – Product Concepts

  1. Edward Quinn

    Hi! I just wanted to quickly comment on your post, as this product also resonated with me–I ultimately decided to go with Kettle Gryp, but this was a close second. I think your idea about customizing the Calm Strip using a photo you could upload to the company would be a real boon for business, as folks who suffer from anxiety (umm…maybe that’s just about everyone these days) could pick a soothing or otherwise personal photo to use as the basis for the strip. Great idea!

  2. Jaqueline Cap-Waller

    Hi Rechel,
    I chose to go with Kettle Gryp but I found this product to be extremely interesting and useful as well. As a mom to a child who has ADHD, I think this product would be extremely helpful in calming my son down when he is feeling anxious. The fact that this product focuses on the sensory is genius to me. I am very glad that you pointed out that in today’s time people Vape as a means to deal with anxiety. As someone who vapes for these reasons (and wants to quit), you have given me an idea to try this product, so thank you for pointing that out. Also, your idea of customizing this product is great.

  3. Jesliann Mercado

    Hi Rechel, I also decided to go with the calm stripes as well. I found it really warming that the owner himself dealt with anxiety himself and decided to share and create something with the world that can help soothe and calm someone else’s anxiety. It’s basically harmless and is also create with soft sand so whoever’s using it doesn’t have anxiety.

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