Assignment E


After watching the episode proposed in the assignment, I decided to talk more about the kettle gryp. To be honest, I though their idea was very clever and their way of promoting their products to the “sharks” was fantastic. The prepared themselves to a excellent presentation, having all the information they would need in the top of their heads.

A Kettle Gryp is a gym accessory for hand weights that provides the possibility to use a dumbbell as a kettlebell by attaching a well constructed plastic gryp to the existing dumbbell’s handle, as a result having a real kettlebell. According to their website, they promise a full workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell, it is also a great addition to your home gym or travel bag. This product can reach many ages, it is also a product that can fit to a verity of people.

According to the entrepreneurs, after COVID, they started to make a lot of profit, because people have the easiness to workout in their homes. Also, it was build to make peoples lives easier, by having the possibility of doing many different workouts without changing anything of the product.

In my opinion, the best way of marketing this product would be on social media, through videos and also, celebrities showing how to use it.

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  1. Edward Quinn

    I definitely think that celebrity endorsements for fitness equipment are an effective marketing strategy. I don’t have any other basis for the claim other that personal anecdote, but there is something powerful about seeing a celebrity training with fitness equipment that makes one feel that they too can transform themselves into their “best self.” I think that would be a good marketing strategy, as would marketing to the business professional crowd who travels and wants to do some cross-fit inspired workouts but might work for a company that puts them up in 2 star hotels that barely have any gym equipment…ok I’ll stop complaining 😉

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