The Joneses

I would categorize the way the Joneses family lives as personal selling. Personal selling is an important form of advertising through themselves by personalizing the approach they give to the customer. It means that the seller of the product is interacting with the consumer in order to get them to purchase their goods. The Joneses’ entire life was to sell and promote, evidently it was their lifestyle. They made many connections and demonstrations in their everyday life to sell products that their company provided. They needed the relationships they created with people in order to sell their products. In the movie Kate Jones looks expensive and if everything she wears is personalized and fitted to her. She can sell the tracksuit without even speaking. Personally if I were to see Kate Jones in the streets I would just go up and ask her where her outfit was from myself. She is entirely advertising by the way she just looks as an individual. 

One of my favorite brands are Nike and H&M. Nike uses effective strategies such as celebrity sports endorsements, buying out competing sports brands, and using retail stores so they can meet their consumers without investing large amounts of money by opening chain specific stores. The Joneses use models and other people to promote their business. The exact same thing occurs with Nike by using celebrities in sports in their commercials and in meets up and just by simplifying having them wear their shoes and clothes.

The marketing is unethical. They built relationships and connections and in the end it was all a cover and a lie. They faked being rich and were essentially untouchable in a sense. They were like in a sort of a hierarchy in a sense by moving to an area where people were unhappy. By bringing their facade of a family to this area the people in there looked up to them in a way. Their sales were motivated by having to live up to a certain lifestyle and greed and envy. 

Personally if I were friends with someone in the Joneses family before finding out their secret I would lose all trust in them. I would wonder and question their morals as an individual. I would feel led on and wouldn’t even want to be friends with them  at all. I would feel disgusted and feel like the friendship and bond I had with them was never real. I would feel anger as well because of what they perceived themselves as and feel bad for the people they affected including myself. 


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