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The Joneses

The way that the Jones family lives is a unique way of personal selling. They become your friends and allow you to see how beautiful their lifestyle is, and the emotional appeal makes you want to buy whatever they have to stay trendy.

The sales tactics that the Jones’ use are not much different than the way some of my favorite influencers market. For example, the Jones’ will host events at their home so everyone can see all their impressive possessions and want to purchase them without much persuasion. At the same time, social media marketers may start a series of videos titled “Amazon Home Finds.” A series like this would get people to buy things that they may or may not ever need, but the idea of owning something so cool makes people never second guess.

The way these products were marketed was highly unethical. The ‘”by any means” concept of selling should have been scaled back when the family noticed how all these new items were taking a toll on the mental health of their neighbors. They should have focused more on actually caring about people rather than just managing the next sale.

If I were friends with someone in the Jones family and then found out their secret, I would be livid and feel extremely betrayed later on. I would think the family exploited me because personal connections help you make quick sales. As a result, I would question every interaction I have with someone because there may be an ulterior motive.

The Niles Lounge Press Release

Branine Jackson
The Niles Lounge
The Niles Lounge Grand Opening
New Hookah Lounge/Cocktail Bar Makes Waves in Jamestown, NY Nightlife
Jamestown, NY: The Niles Lounge today announced the grand opening of their new hookah lounge. This milestone is a major move for The Niles Lounge on its mission to refresh the nightlife scene in Chautauqua County.
“We are proud to finally open the doors and give the people of Jamestown a new and exciting experience,” says Dre, CEO at The Niles Lounge. “It was about time.”
This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:
• Hosted over 200 patrons on opening night
• Provided employment to over 20 locals
• Offered discounts to first responders and teachers
To learn more about the Grand Opening, click here
About The Niles Lounge: The Niles Lounge is a family owned hookah lounge and cocktail bar. The owners moved to Jamestown from NYC to further education in the years following their High School graduations, and while they loved the town they felt something was missing. A place where they can hang with friends late night, while enjoying great music and letting loose. The Niles Lounge fulfills the desire for a vibrant place to unwind and have a great time with a splash of something new.

Week E Assignment

While watching the thirteenth episode of Shark Tank’s thirteenth season, one company stood out to me more than the rest because of the emotional appeal. Calm Strips is a company that I enjoyed learning about because it was the only one I wanted to purchase. I could see myself as a returning customer. The reason I wanted to buy is for the exact reason they created their product. As a neurodivergent individual, sometimes anxiety and restlessness tend to interrupt my focus, and something as simple as having something to fidget with actually helps me stay on task. Calm Strips are zero-residue and reusable sensory strips meant to relax any person who may deal with feelings of anxiety.

The creators of Calm Strips recognize that anxiety has no age limit or gender, so they created a universal product that can reach everyone. They understand that common fidgets like spinners, cubes, and other toy-like devices can be easily lost and sometimes distracting to people other than the user. Hence, they created a safe, quiet, and discreet tool to improve the users’ focus without interrupting others. The Calm Strips creators also recognized that most fidget devices seem like fads and reassured the Sharks that this is not a fad product because it’s not a toy. This distinguishment allows the target demographic to exceed beyond just children. In addition, Calm Strips are reusable and residue-free, allowing users to use them in most places by removing them from one object to another.

Calm Strips appeals to customers for many reasons, but one of the most appealing aspects is the price. A pack of five strips only costs $12.99, and this shows that the creators realize that the customers are likely to be parents or educators of neurodivergent individuals. Usually, educators have difficulty finding solutions to their students’ needs. Parents spend a lot of money on services and resources for their neuroatypical children, so having a product that doesn’t break the bank is beneficial. Another remarkable aspect is the designs of the strips; they’re all unisex and have lots of variety for no additional cost. Lastly, the product has a default estimated delivery of 3-4 days for only $3. Most people don’t like to pay more for quick shipping so having fast shipping for a reasonable price keeps customers returning.

Week C Writing Assignment

Traveling to new cities is always an exciting experience. From learning about the city’s history to meeting the people, exploring a new environment never disappoints. Being from New York City, I’ve been introduced to many different cuisines from numerous cultures; When traveling, I always try to find one place to eat that provides me a sense of NYC comfort. My favorite cuisine to search for is Italian.

While visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve come across so many Italian restaurants that it became difficult to choose where I’d want to eat. To make my decision more effortless, I enlisted the help of one of my closest friends, the internet. I recognized my desire for Southern Italian food to narrow down my options. I decided to turn to Tiktok to see genuine reviews by real people and see the dishes unedited.

Based on my search results, I pondered between two choices: Sicilia Mia and Antica Sicilia. Both of these restaurants were super popular and loved by locals. My final decision came down to three factors: atmosphere, portion size, and traditionality. I wanted to eat somewhere with a calm, warm, home-like ambiance with reasonably large portions and traditional recipes. While Antica Sicilia was beautiful and the food looked amazing, Sicilia Mia checked all the boxes for me.

As a New Yorker and frequent traveler, this process was very familiar. I’m usually always looking for a new place to dine. I realized the consumer-decision making process is something that I subconsciously practice daily. My preferences differ from most because many may want a more upscale experience or search based on their budget by looking for deals.