Week E Assignment

While watching the thirteenth episode of Shark Tank’s thirteenth season, one company stood out to me more than the rest because of the emotional appeal. Calm Strips is a company that I enjoyed learning about because it was the only one I wanted to purchase. I could see myself as a returning customer. The reason I wanted to buy is for the exact reason they created their product. As a neurodivergent individual, sometimes anxiety and restlessness tend to interrupt my focus, and something as simple as having something to fidget with actually helps me stay on task. Calm Strips are zero-residue and reusable sensory strips meant to relax any person who may deal with feelings of anxiety.

The creators of Calm Strips recognize that anxiety has no age limit or gender, so they created a universal product that can reach everyone. They understand that common fidgets like spinners, cubes, and other toy-like devices can be easily lost and sometimes distracting to people other than the user. Hence, they created a safe, quiet, and discreet tool to improve the users’ focus without interrupting others. The Calm Strips creators also recognized that most fidget devices seem like fads and reassured the Sharks that this is not a fad product because it’s not a toy. This distinguishment allows the target demographic to exceed beyond just children. In addition, Calm Strips are reusable and residue-free, allowing users to use them in most places by removing them from one object to another.

Calm Strips appeals to customers for many reasons, but one of the most appealing aspects is the price. A pack of five strips only costs $12.99, and this shows that the creators realize that the customers are likely to be parents or educators of neurodivergent individuals. Usually, educators have difficulty finding solutions to their students’ needs. Parents spend a lot of money on services and resources for their neuroatypical children, so having a product that doesn’t break the bank is beneficial. Another remarkable aspect is the designs of the strips; they’re all unisex and have lots of variety for no additional cost. Lastly, the product has a default estimated delivery of 3-4 days for only $3. Most people don’t like to pay more for quick shipping so having fast shipping for a reasonable price keeps customers returning.

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