The Joneses

The way that the Jones family lives is a unique way of personal selling. They become your friends and allow you to see how beautiful their lifestyle is, and the emotional appeal makes you want to buy whatever they have to stay trendy.

The sales tactics that the Jones’ use are not much different than the way some of my favorite influencers market. For example, the Jones’ will host events at their home so everyone can see all their impressive possessions and want to purchase them without much persuasion. At the same time, social media marketers may start a series of videos titled “Amazon Home Finds.” A series like this would get people to buy things that they may or may not ever need, but the idea of owning something so cool makes people never second guess.

The way these products were marketed was highly unethical. The ‘”by any means” concept of selling should have been scaled back when the family noticed how all these new items were taking a toll on the mental health of their neighbors. They should have focused more on actually caring about people rather than just managing the next sale.

If I were friends with someone in the Jones family and then found out their secret, I would be livid and feel extremely betrayed later on. I would think the family exploited me because personal connections help you make quick sales. As a result, I would question every interaction I have with someone because there may be an ulterior motive.

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