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Week G

I 100 percent think that the way the Joneses live is categorized as personal selling. Everyone one of them put themselves in a position where everyone around them wants what they have and are eager to be like them or friends with them. Everything about the ladies, especially the mom looks new or very expensive so everyone looks at it in a way where they need to have it. They’re so intelligent that the way the mom knew how to sell the tracksuit she was wearing without having to say anything is incredible and she knew they were all attracted to her attire.

A lot of my favorite brands use athletes or celebrities to try and convince us to want to have the product. The Joneses use new expensive things to impress and convince others around them to want what they have. For example Nike uses Lebron James to push some of their products and sneakers.

The marketing here was definitely unethical . This fake family was a rich, lying, and almost untouchable type of family and they purposely moved to a spot where people where miserable and would want everything that they have.They became close with people and build relationships just for it to be a lie at the end of it all. It went on for way too long and impacted way too many people.

I would hate to be friends with these people. Imagine having a great friendship with someone just to find out they were manipulating and lying to you the whole time. It makes it all feel unreal and waste of time.

Week F

For Immediate Release 3-21-22

Adrian Ceballos



New News Nike

About Nike/Updates:First off we know nike is one if not most decorated brands/sport brands ever. It is home to countless athletes, musicians, comedians, etc.. One of the biggest news lately is their renewal of contract with Kobe Bryant and his estate/brand. After their short disporting this news is big to the legacy of Kobe and his daughter. Next, nike has really been improving their shoes and making them more technological. Innovations like the Nike Flywire support system, Lunarlite foam cushioning, Hyperdunk basketball shoe, new generations of Free footwear, and the new Trainer 1 shoe continue to set the standard for the industry.

Some feature/benefits:

  • Lightweight Durability allowing you to always be at your best while being comfortable.
  • Protect foot against infections
  • Alleviates pain
  • Prevents foot problems.

The next release of nike sneakers are hard to tell because their are always a bunch coming out frequently but the most anticipated are nike sb dunks releasing with a numerous amount of color ways and Air Jordan 1 “85” “College Navy”. You can keep up with updates on the nike app or any sneaker app like “SNKRS”, “Goat”, or even “StockX”.



Shark Tank

The first pitch kind of stuck out to me more because im an athlete and a person who works out. I like the way they thought and the strategy that went in to this. They had an answer for everything and handled everything smoothly. I felt like I was even there the way they made the sharks feel so comfortable.

The product makes it easier to workout, its safer, and makes it so easy to feel motivated and have fun. Consumer should feel that they want/need this product because, it will benefit you, is cheaper than other similar products, can do the workout from the comfort of your home , and it’s a great way to boost your self esteem.

These two guys made a great pitch, they understood how to get everyone involved, grabbed their attention, and made a powerful delivery. I like the way they came together and hit on all cylinders. They were both prepared and had their product and their product info set up perfectly.

This product and their owners understood how to properly deliver this and make you want to buy the product. The whole workout process can be stressful at times and this just relieves some of that stress while also being able to enjoy a workout at home or on the go. Personally I like the fact it involves working out because that’s something I enjoy so I automatically was invested into this product.

I can sense the sharks enjoyed it even though they probably did not see much potential in it, they liked everything about it. The fact they were able to joke around with them and make them feel comfortable just made it so much better for them and their pitch.

Week C Assignment

When it comes to me I’m a very picky eater so this decision wasn’t easy. I know with these types of decisions you aways need to follow your needs and your gut. That is why I decided to go with Osteria Amore Restaurant.

This restaurant is an Italian cuisine restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. This restaurant is popular for its lunch, dinner, and how cozy it is which attracts people to dine there. A huge attraction is how they target couples or close group of friends with how they have their restaurant set up for them. Also with this restaurant you have the option to pick up your food or have it delivered to you.

I began my research on google because the only thing I know about Salt Lake City , is there nab team (Utah Jazz). I started with searching and I came across this restaurant and while reading I enjoyed what they had to offer and how its so modern.

Of course there were others that sounded okay like Tuccis Cucina Italiana, Bucca di Beppo Italian Restaurant, but Osteria sounded great and something I know I would probably enjoy.

I did learn that during the whole process was to make sure that I knew what I wanted and was clear about it and made sure they had what I wanted. Thats the whole point of being a responsible decision making consumer and if you do everything correct then you at the end are left satisfied because of the product and service.


Over the years Jordan has been one of the best and consistent brands throughout the years. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, Jordan’s cannot go out of style. Since I was young I’ve loved this brand and sneakers and throughout the years it’s just been getting better and better. Jordan is ethical because they a couple eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. They understand that their responsibility is to please the people and understand that they are what keeps them going. I’ve aways knew Jordan was one of those brands that just couldn’t go out of style, even though it’s not a designer brand or anything . Jordan has donated over 100-200 million over the last 10-15 years. Some of my recommendations is to make their sneakers more affordable, use better materials,  Jordan understands that their business is meant to please the public and inspire. Jordan’s goal throughout the years is t continue to develop and get ready for the next generation. Nowadays fashion and clothing has expanded so Jordan understands they have to do the same to keep up with us. Whether it’s sneakers to play sports in or a put on a nice outfit with, Jordan understands and fits every scenario. From toddlers to even older adults Jordan has took a huge toll on society and understands the responsibility and the ethical standpoint that they have on us, and the future generation. On the other hand of this brand they’ve even donated to fight injustice, social injustice, education and awareness. Which just goes to show how they understand and they’re with us. Jordan plans and actions now are just steps towards the future with new sports stars or new sneakers and clothes, everything is newly developed and is perfect for time to come .


Nowadays, I think I can speak for lots of people, we all love Jordan’s. They’re classics and they have been around since before some of us were born. As someone who is in love with sneakers and enjoys wearing them, I see what the hype is all about. Air Jordan’s mission for years were to create a shoe/style people could play sports in, enjoy, and even put a nice outfit on with.Although they are somewhat ethical because they use some eco-friendly materials including some recycled materials. Sneaker brands have taken over especially now with the new generation and the new style of fashion. As things keep developing Jordan keeps on doing the same things. Furthermore some recommendations I have for them is make the shoes more affordable, use better material, think about what the people are going to like rather than what you want to release. At the end of the day, the sneakers are meant to please the public and continue putting money into their pockets and products. However people are more worried about the hype nowadays and who wears what they sell, whether it’s a celebrity or someone they look up too. On the upside, Jordan is committed to always donating, whether its donation over 100-200 million over the last 10-15 years, or even donating to fighting against injustices, social justice, and even education and awareness. Since I was young I’ve always believed this was the best brand no matter if it was designer or not, it’s too much history behind it. Just seeing and hearing about how this was all inspired by a true basketball icon and how they actually do try to put out snakes people would enjoy and how they offer and donate so much just really made me appreciate and understand what the business is all about. Their ethics/social responsibility I believe is at the right point because they understand and know what it means to please the people and understand us.