Week G

I 100 percent think that the way the Joneses live is categorized as personal selling. Everyone one of them put themselves in a position where everyone around them wants what they have and are eager to be like them or friends with them. Everything about the ladies, especially the mom looks new or very expensive so everyone looks at it in a way where they need to have it. They’re so intelligent that the way the mom knew how to sell the tracksuit she was wearing without having to say anything is incredible and she knew they were all attracted to her attire.

A lot of my favorite brands use athletes or celebrities to try and convince us to want to have the product. The Joneses use new expensive things to impress and convince others around them to want what they have. For example Nike uses Lebron James to push some of their products and sneakers.

The marketing here was definitely unethical . This fake family was a rich, lying, and almost untouchable type of family and they purposely moved to a spot where people where miserable and would want everything that they have.They became close with people and build relationships just for it to be a lie at the end of it all. It went on for way too long and impacted way too many people.

I would hate to be friends with these people. Imagine having a great friendship with someone just to find out they were manipulating and lying to you the whole time. It makes it all feel unreal and waste of time.

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  1. Klaudia Przybyla

    I’ve had a similar thought. In my opinion, the family uses similar techniques as influencers and celebrities. They do not sell the products personally, but they sell the products but telling everyone how much they like the product.

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