Over the years Jordan has been one of the best and consistent brands throughout the years. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, Jordan’s cannot go out of style. Since I was young I’ve loved this brand and sneakers and throughout the years it’s just been getting better and better. Jordan is ethical because they a couple eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. They understand that their responsibility is to please the people and understand that they are what keeps them going. I’ve aways knew Jordan was one of those brands that just couldn’t go out of style, even though it’s not a designer brand or anything . Jordan has donated over 100-200 million over the last 10-15 years. Some of my recommendations is to make their sneakers more affordable, use better materials,  Jordan understands that their business is meant to please the public and inspire. Jordan’s goal throughout the years is t continue to develop and get ready for the next generation. Nowadays fashion and clothing has expanded so Jordan understands they have to do the same to keep up with us. Whether it’s sneakers to play sports in or a put on a nice outfit with, Jordan understands and fits every scenario. From toddlers to even older adults Jordan has took a huge toll on society and understands the responsibility and the ethical standpoint that they have on us, and the future generation. On the other hand of this brand they’ve even donated to fight injustice, social injustice, education and awareness. Which just goes to show how they understand and they’re with us. Jordan plans and actions now are just steps towards the future with new sports stars or new sneakers and clothes, everything is newly developed and is perfect for time to come .

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