Week G Assignment

People desire to be like the Joneses because they’re attractive, friendly, wealthy, and they constantly appear to be ahead of the game in terms of what they drive, wear, play, and consume. They never brag about themselves. People aspire to be like them. The Jones family’s lifestyles are best described as personal selling because they devoted their lives to introducing and promoting many things to potential buyers.

Some similarities and tactics I see between the Jones family and some of my favorite brands are how they use people to promote their brands. Many companies now pay individuals with many followers on social media to wear their products so their business will sell. Also, everyone wants it as soon as one famous person wears it and starts reposting the consequences; this is shown with the Telfar bags. As soon as Beyonce wore one of their bags, they began to sell out.

The Jones lifestyle is unethical. They moved into a wealthy neighborhood and played pretend family to market and sell products. They made it seem like they were the perfect family that is smart and rich when in reality, they are not. Although their sales tactics worked, it was not ethically correct.

I am not a person easily influenced by name brands and fancy items. However, if in their shoes, I would feel that I was playing. The way the Jones family portrayed themselves made their friends want to be like them.


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