Week E

The Kettle Gryp is the product that most resonated with me after watching Shark Tank episode 13. This piqued my interest because, as someone who has weights at home, I can easily convert them to dumbbells without spending any extra money. Not only will I use them, but anyone else in my household who works out will be able to use them as well, which is convenient for everyone. It also provides safety when using them and is portable, making it very convenient.

This item is marketed as a portable dumbbell adapter, allowing users to perform all kettlebell exercises with any dumbbell weight up to 55 pounds. It enables you to perform wings, upright rows, overhead presses, flexibility, and range of motion exercises. This product allows you to perform kettlebell exercises in a safe manner and allows you to do these exercises at home or in a gym because it is portable. This machine is not only portable and safe, but it is also very inexpensive, costing $34.95.

After reviewing all aspects of this product, one suggestion that may appeal to consumers is custom colors instead of the orange. When purchasing this product, there should be a wide color variation because not many people will want a bright orange kettle Gryp.

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