Journal Entry – Week 4 (short paper outline)

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Atlas Rodriguez SP Outline

The film I will analyze is “The skeleton dance”. It was animated by UB Iwerks. The characters in the film make actions that go to the beat of the music composed. The music was composed by Carl W Stalling. From the music and animation, the tone of the film is seen as funny and playful with a slight sense of unease due to some of the characters and animation.

Along with the film itself, I will also provide texts from to add more information on the film and its history.

I am drawn to this film because of the use of animation being used as a way to visualize the music in the background. I would like to know more about the techniques UB Iwerks used to have created this along with many others.

I will be researching more about what kinds of techniques were used. Who worked on it, and for how long before it was produced? Why was it created along with what were the ideas behind creating it? Also, how has it affected people throughout time?

Yohenny Alix W4 ( short paper outline)

The movie I will take to work is “The Three Little Pigs” I decided to take this film because of the story and the aesthetics in it.

I was always a lover of animated figures and the three little pigs is a story that has been told for many generations well, every time you read or see about it you can see more things and find other meanings in it.

the extra information I will use is from, where I would be available to get more information about the production in this history.

Manuela Cano SP outline

The movie that I will be focusing on is Bambi-Man the villain Because it is focusing in showing a different perspective of life because Bambi’s characters are animals and the humans are the antagonists. Im attracted to it because it shows the world a different story through forest animals eyes. It shows that they have families, needs and feelings and they need to protect themselves and their families from the humans that invade their territory.

I remember when I was a kid I saw the whole movie and I cried so much when Bambi’s mother died, it affected me because I realize at that early age that the movie was a animated film but it also happens in real life, animals are hunted but humans to eat them or sometimes just for fun as an sport.

I think is important to see this type of actions with a different point of view and realize that animals have feelings and families and living beings and we are the ones playing the antagonist role on this type of situations.

The elements I will research for the short film: How it was created, How it was received by the audience, how the movie influence the audience and the animation style.

Tyla Baxter – SP Outline

The movie I will be focusing on is: The Silly Symphony Series

I chose this because I have been a fan of this series ever since I was little as the Three Little Pigs short film was one of my favorites growing up. I enjoy most of these shorts for their aesthetics and techniques. It also shows similarities to other cartoons that I have watched as a kid including various cartoons owned by Warner Bros.

The elements I will be focusing on are the process of creating the films, the impact they had on the animation industry and the world, as well as going more into depth about the animation style and analyzing each film.

Michael Lleras SP Outline

The movie I decide to pick is steamboat willie. I choose to pick this because I grew up watching Mickey Mouse it was the first animation I ever saw. Since Mickey Mouse is cast in the short film I will be writing about how Mickey Mouse progressed to be one of the most popular characters in modern animation. I will be writing about Mickey Mouse’s history such as

  • The creation process
  • History
  • Impact on the industry
  • Popularity

Emmanuel Sterling W4 – short paper online

The movie that I will be focusing is Silly Symphony.

I am drawn to this film because I love the fact that Disney has put out the technique during the 1930s and it reminds me Looney Tunes in a different way. And one thing I have realized is this is the first cartoon short that is made in color.

The elements that I will be researching is the animation style and the drawing style that has been from the old Disney short films. And also, I will be discussing about how the film series has been distributed by the number of film companies.

Marshal Neptune

The movie I will be focusing on: Bambi

I am choosing Bambi for the story because it kind of reminds me of what is happening to most of us or has already happened to us. It reminds me of growing up and people teach you about the dangers around us but then you also gain friends. we know that the world offers terrible things but it also offers good things to

I am also choosing it because it was a little different from the rest it shows realistic movement, unlike other animations where you see bugs or insects jumping like rabbits

what I will be researching

What is the main point of Bambi?

The story of Bambi

did Bambi impact the world in any way?

what’s it based on?



The Adventure Of Prince Achmed 1926 Sept 3 was the first animated fairy tale to be using picture sheets under a camera like a shadow puppet. We still can see this in today in boardway theater in some plays for example now today that movie is play on boardway and is now called. “Aladdin”. Now in adventure Of Prince Achmed had struggled with the original and copy version. BFI international was trying and was supporting the animated flim. Now in the film they show us color shadowing with music. As similar to Bambi how it started. Now if you look deeper into the film It shows figure animals with animations figures lined with symbols circle representing united. We see forms a triangle which represents power. Now this film is based on story about a poor young boy who over comes alot of obstacles due to this one girl jasmine who he falls in love and stops her from getting married to this guy so he goes out his way to use magic to become this person he isn’t so she can be with him and he can be with her.

I LOVE this film because it shows you that you shouldn’t be someone else to get someone to be just yourself. It also teaches you the idea of what bad and good, as well as what’s right what wrong. I love the way animation was done.

In my essay I will be talking about animation 1926 as well the animation today of adding comparing and contrasting as well I will be adding week 3 of Emilie Cohl, Windsor Mc cay, George H and how they worked with animation and how it was created and done. I will be adding stop motion and breaking the flim and animation down of the Adventure Of Prince Achmed and technology as well techniques used.

The Adventure Of Prince achmed 1926.

Shreya Lama SP outline

The movie I will be focusing on: Dumbo

Dumbo is the shortest-running Disney feature movie which was created to save money after the financial loss from the movies Pinocchio and Fantasia. It is based on the story, Dumbo, the Flying Elephant written by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. The movie focuses on its main character Dumbo who is bullied for having big ears. Everyone makes fun of his big ears, but his big ears enable him to fly which makes him gain fame and fortune in the end. 

I love the movie because of its story and how it shows that being different is not a bad thing. The movie makes you feel for the characters with its storytelling and music. 

The elements I will research for this movie: its animation style, drawing style, how it was created, the animation style used from the past releases from Disney, and how the movie influenced future releases/features. I will also be researching the movie’s production and distribution and how it was received at the box office and by the audience. 


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Review the short paper guideline and grading rubric and submit a thesis or outline as a journal entry by next week. Your entry should include:

  • The name of the short or full feature films that you will be focusing on (it must be one that we’ve discussed in class between week 1 and week 5).
  • Why are you drawn to this film – because of it’s story? technique? aesthetic? political context? etc.)
  • An outline of elements you will be researching/writing about (this can be done in the form of a list or in a paragraph)