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Marshal Neptune W5 Prompt 1

the sound is used to emphasize the action because the animation goes along with it, for example, the boat has steam coming out of it so the sound was almost like a train when Micky was turning the wheel of the ship it was making a cranking sound to emphasize the turning. The sound gives the film life. the uses of sound reveal something about each of the characters for example the guy that caught Micky was making angry sounds but not talking kind of showing you he is grumpy or upset about something.

Marshal Neptune

The movie I will be focusing on: Bambi

I am choosing Bambi for the story because it kind of reminds me of what is happening to most of us or has already happened to us. It reminds me of growing up and people teach you about the dangers around us but then you also gain friends. we know that the world offers terrible things but it also offers good things to

I am also choosing it because it was a little different from the rest it shows realistic movement, unlike other animations where you see bugs or insects jumping like rabbits

what I will be researching

What is the main point of Bambi?

The story of Bambi

did Bambi impact the world in any way?

what’s it based on?


Marshal Neptune W3 – Prompt 2

I think that reason that many early animated films, particularly in the US, were based on print comics was that it was probably popular and when animated they already had an outline to go off so it was probably easier because they had a character design and a script. in comic books, they probably had a character or a story that would appeal to a particular set of audience. A good example of this is spider-man the words everyone remembers are “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Week 2 – prompt 3

I can imagine being an audience remember at one of Gaspard Robertson’s “Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797 and I would be amazed. It would probably feel like that Saturday morning when your favorite cartoon comes on. I also think I would be scared just because I would get scared of the unknown. It does remind me of the old black and white popeyes the sailor man cartoon.

Week 1 prompt 2

A show I liked when I was a kid was sym bionic titan. It was on cartoon network and it was made by the same guy who created samurai jack. the show came out in 2010 and I found it to be so cool it introduced me to aliens and robots and the characters were very well developed. This show introduced me to many other things including a film called pacific rim which later became my favorite. The animation was good too because it was giving me a power rangers vibe but animated some movement was 3d but most was 2d