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Jay Williams (LP Outline)

My show or ova is Fooly Cooly by Gainax from 2000. I’m drawn to it because I used to watch it at around age 6 or 7 on Adult swim ( it’s not that my parents weren’t watching me. I was allowed to watch it because I did not swear as a child) and was in awe of it all. I spent years after that listening to its iconic soundtrack, watching Animated music videos based on it, even tried to write similar stories. FLCL is to this day celebrated for its soundtrack, animation that was just phenomenal, and to a degree its story which has been analised over and over again. I want to cover its artwork, cult following, and soundtrack.

Jay Williams (Week 9)

The colors and patterns of the film remind me of clothing and some honestly make me think of stains. It made a big impression on me and helps give the film a playful vibe and plant it firmly in the era of which it was made. It’s actually what makes it unique from the works of Disney or MGM.

Jay Williams Week 8

Both the Capitalist and communist nations produced propaganda via animation but in different ways. For example, nations such as China and the USSR used stop motion and a wealth of other kinds of animation while places like the US and UK only used Stop motion and Cel animation. These animations about Communism in a positive light tend to be like children’s books, to discuss it in a beautiful and sometimes cute way. The nations under Capitalism tend to be very blunt and not as cute. Sort of like watching a short from the USSR would be like watching an animated short from Sesame Street from the 90’s while the US would be more like the Superman cartoon, or any cartoon targeted to boys or young men from that era. If anything, I would expect to see the cartoons from the USSR or China in an art gallery, but the US cartoons would be a lot like watching G.I Joe.

Jay Williams W1 (2)

My favorite cartoon is Whatever happened to Robot Jones. I watched it as a 6- to 7-year-old so I was in awe of the middle school aged characters. Today I find it dorky but sweet (I think people that age are funny). It follows Robot Jones, a robot (surprise) who goes to middle school to report on humans that age. It was created by Greg Miller who is known for his School house rock like art style.

Jay Williams W1

I’m Jay Williams, I love learning about history, and I love animation, so this class is a dream come true. I would like to learn more about adult animation if possible. I am an animation and motion graphics major and plan on opening my own animation studio. I’m the owner (I call myself the roommate) of a Betta fish named Pheonix and a parakeet named Mr. Lavender Cube.