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Manuela Cano SP outline

The movie that I will be focusing on is Bambi-Man the villain Because it is focusing in showing a different perspective of life because Bambi’s characters are animals and the humans are the antagonists. Im attracted to it because it shows the world a different story through forest animals eyes. It shows that they have families, needs and feelings and they need to protect themselves and their families from the humans that invade their territory.

I remember when I was a kid I saw the whole movie and I cried so much when Bambi’s mother died, it affected me because I realize at that early age that the movie was a animated film but it also happens in real life, animals are hunted but humans to eat them or sometimes just for fun as an sport.

I think is important to see this type of actions with a different point of view and realize that animals have feelings and families and living beings and we are the ones playing the antagonist role on this type of situations.

The elements I will research for the short film: How it was created, How it was received by the audience, how the movie influence the audience and the animation style.

Homework 3 Prompt 1

On Emile Cohl’s “ Fantasmagorie” we can see a black background, no hear no sound, at some point we can see the hands of the creator. On Winsor Mclay’s “ Gertie The Dinosaur” we can see something more elaborate than ”Fantasmagorie” by Emile Cohl. For example, The name of the director, real people, walking, talking between them, we see buildings, cars, trees. Also, the description of what is happening at certain moments of the video on little paragraphs, It has no sound, we see natural motion.

On the Gertie part we see more fluid motion than “ Fantasmagorie”. Gertie has interaction and do what the creator said. We see water and rocks. We see emotions like crying and smiling.

Homework 2 Prompt 3

I think my reaction to one of Gaspard Robertson’s “ Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797 would be fascinated but at the same time scared because I think that at that time people did not have much entertainment and because of that not much innovation on theater or shows. I think “Fantasmagorie” would catch the attention and many people would be scare on being in a room with ghosts and demons all over the place. One form of entertainment that would elicit the same emotions today can be Halloween horror nights at Universal Orlando because the theme is all about scare people and you walk through a haunted village so you are aware the whole time because you know you can see ghosts and demons and scary things at any moment. I saw at that place a show that comes to my mind when I think of Gaspard Robertson’s show and it is about a clown and the images were project on fountains of water and the lights and sound were the center of attention too.

Homework 1 Prompt 1

Hello Professor and classmates from MES 160 Fall 2022. My name is Manuela Cano. I graduated from High School in New York, I speak two languages and Love animals, My dog is a husky and I can say that I love her as a daughter, I have good taste on design and I like to create blogs of pictures on pinterest about it. I picked this course because I like the history of theater, image and art. I find it interesting. My major is communication Studies and One of my favorite directors is Tim Burton.