Journal Entry – Week 1

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Respond to at least 1 prompt on this page (you are welcome to respond to both). For instructions on how to submit a journal entry, please follow these instructions. FORMATTING FOR THIS WEEK: Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] W1” and select the Category “Journal Entry – Week 1”

Prompt 1

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name? Why did you pick this course? Is there a particular genre/era/type of animation you’re interested in learning more about? What is your major? What are your career goals? Include a few fun facts about yourself (hobbies? pets? favorite food?)

Prompt 2

Name an animated film or tv show that you like. Why do you think you like it?  Is it the characters, the animation techniques? Include this in the journal post. Research the studio/artist that created it as well as the date it was created and include this information in your post.

Homework 1 Prompt 1

Hello Professor and classmates from MES 160 Fall 2022. My name is Manuela Cano. I graduated from High School in New York, I speak two languages and Love animals, My dog is a husky and I can say that I love her as a daughter, I have good taste on design and I like to create blogs of pictures on pinterest about it. I picked this course because I like the history of theater, image and art. I find it interesting. My major is communication Studies and One of my favorite directors is Tim Burton.

Yohenny Alix Journal

Prompt 1

Hello, my name is Yohenny my major is communication this is my 3rd semester at BMCC, I picked this course to learn a little bit more about the art of animation, I don’t have a specific genre/era/type to learn I feel great to learn all of them, my goals and career are to finish college and be available to use it in the future in what I want to be. I am a dog lover I guess I love all animals except reptiles, I love the 80s and 90s love cartoons, I like to dance, and my favorites food are Dominican and Italian.

Prompt 2

It’s hard for me to pick and specific animated or tv show, but for anime, I love “Sakura the Cardcaptor”, I love it for the animation and for how things look really good, the relationship between sakura and her friend that is completely in love with her, and she protects her even if she can’t confess to her what she feels, the animation it’s amazing. The tv show “Seinfeld” the good way how four friends with a lot of differences between them live life day by day and understand that at the end of the day they are each other and that can’t be with any of them, I love the format and visualization of the series, it’s natural how you live day to day.

Tyla Baxter – Week 1

One of my favorite animated films that I like is Suits animated by Aupa Studio and directed by Carlos Baena. It was released in 2019 as a part of Love Death + Robot’s first volume on Netflix. I feel like the reason why I love this short film is that through such a short period of time we get a glimpse of each character’s personality and background. Watching it for the first time, you can tell that they took their time giving as much detail to the characters as possible. Another thing that I liked is that you can see that some scenes have different frame rates.

Week 1 prompt 2

A show I liked when I was a kid was sym bionic titan. It was on cartoon network and it was made by the same guy who created samurai jack. the show came out in 2010 and I found it to be so cool it introduced me to aliens and robots and the characters were very well developed. This show introduced me to many other things including a film called pacific rim which later became my favorite. The animation was good too because it was giving me a power rangers vibe but animated some movement was 3d but most was 2d

Shade Perez Week 1: Prompt 2

An animated tv show that I honestly grew up on and was my all time favorite is Spongebob Squarepants. It was based on a book by Stephen Hillenburg who was a marine biologist and wanted to educated children about life under water. It was mainly the characters and the relationships they had amongst each other. Spongebob Squarepants was created as 2D animation and released in 1999 and ever since then has expanded from just an tv show to a movie , toys and clothing merchandise as well.

Shreya Lama W1

One of my all-time favorite animated movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas directed by Henry Selick based on the poem by Tim Burton and produced by Touchstone Pictures and Skellington Productions. The movie uses stop-motion animation. I like the character designs and dark tone of the movie. The movie is about the King of Halloween Town who is bored with his routine of organizing Halloween every year, but soon he comes across Christmas Town and decides to take over Christmas and that’s when things start to get messy.

Atlas-Rodriguez week 1 prompt 2

A film I really admire would be the animated film “spiderman: into the spider-verse”. I really enjoy watching the movie, the amazing story along with how each character comes to life with all its different art styles of animation. I would love to be a part of something as wonderful as that one day. It was released in 2018 by SONY Pictures. It was the first in a while, an animated film that wasn’t made by Disney or Pixar to have won a best-animated feature at the Oscars.

Jay Williams W1 (2)

My favorite cartoon is Whatever happened to Robot Jones. I watched it as a 6- to 7-year-old so I was in awe of the middle school aged characters. Today I find it dorky but sweet (I think people that age are funny). It follows Robot Jones, a robot (surprise) who goes to middle school to report on humans that age. It was created by Greg Miller who is known for his School house rock like art style.

Michael Prompt 2 – Week 1

Dragon Ball Super I think is the best anime I have ever seen, so much excitement where this character named Goku was born a lower-class sayian but became the strongest of all the sayians. I think I like it so much because I can relate to the struggles that Goku went through to become the best fighter. Dragon Ball Super was written by Akira Toriyama in 2015 and this anime is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball in 1984.

Journal Entry Week 1

My name is Shadé often pronounced as “Shade” but properly is “Sha-day.” I picked this course because I was interested in the history of animation and the breakdown of how it’s created. I’m interested in learning more about how animation is used in politics and how it was so impactful on our history. My major is Psychology and I later on want to get into social work , as well as owning my own cleaning company. Fun fact about me this is I love all different genres of music, i love to try new cooking recipes and I enjoy learning new things in general. 

Atlas week 1-prompt 1

My name is Atlas. My pronouns are he/him. I picked this course because I want to learn more about animation and its different kinds. Along with the different techniques people use. I’m very interested in 2d animation and how some people can get their animations to be very smooth. I am majoring in animation and motion graphics. I would like to one day be a part of a very well-known animation company, to make films or just cartoons. I own a bearded dragon named Spike, she’s a girl despite her name. I like to create stories of my own and share them with others. My favorite color is yellow, and I like to watch anime and other M.A.P (multi animator projects) in my free time.

Steven Heredia – week 1 – prompt 1

Hello everyone, my name is Steven and I picked this course because it was recommended to me by my adviser but it sounded interesting course to take. A particular type of animation I would want to learn more about is anime. My major is studio art and my career goal is getting better at drawing so i can design my own clothes. my favorite hobby is to go thrifting.

Jay Williams W1

I’m Jay Williams, I love learning about history, and I love animation, so this class is a dream come true. I would like to learn more about adult animation if possible. I am an animation and motion graphics major and plan on opening my own animation studio. I’m the owner (I call myself the roommate) of a Betta fish named Pheonix and a parakeet named Mr. Lavender Cube.


Hi, my name is Shreya Lama and I am currently majoring in Multimedia Programming and Design. I chose this course because it is one of the requirements for my chosen major. I don’t have a favorite genre/era/type of animation and watch and enjoy every type of movie/animation. My hobbies include sketching, music, movies, games, etc.

Michael Week 1-prompt 1

Hello, my name is Michael I picked this course because I’m trying to get classes that are animated-related, and saw that this class teaches the history of animation I thought this class would be a good pick versus the other options plus I am interested in what I can learn. My major is Animation and Motion Graphics so it makes sense to take this class and I also have the skill of drawing anime characters. I have been drawing anime characters on and off since I was 8 years old.