Journal Entry – Week 5

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Atlas Rodriguez WEEK 5

The two dwarfs, Grumpy and Bashful are very similar in style characters in the Disney animated film “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. Grumpy has a look that distinguishes him from the rest. His brows are always furrowed and his arms are usually crossed. Whenever he speaks his tone is very irritated. As for Bashful, when spoken to, his face becomes flushed red and he twists his beard into a knot. His voice is giggly and flustered when he speaks.

Yohenny Alix W5

In the video you can see a few differences between the dwarfs, for example their noses are not similar two that I can describe with differences are Happy and Dopey, you can see big difference in Dopey he looks young and with not hair meaning he looks more like a special boy the color of his eyes are a light blue almost like grey and his ears are stremely big. Happy his face is a little longer in his cheeks which makes his face bigger and different he has white and wide eyebrows and is a little chubbier than the rest. Happy’s voices sound more like a person with a stuffy nose that’s the tone of their sound and dopey because they don’t speak.

Marshal Neptune W5 Prompt 1

the sound is used to emphasize the action because the animation goes along with it, for example, the boat has steam coming out of it so the sound was almost like a train when Micky was turning the wheel of the ship it was making a cranking sound to emphasize the turning. The sound gives the film life. the uses of sound reveal something about each of the characters for example the guy that caught Micky was making angry sounds but not talking kind of showing you he is grumpy or upset about something.

Shreya Lama, W5

Prompt 2

Grumpy and Happy are two dwarfs that are exactly opposite to one another. Happy has a round face, and his beard is drawn rounded too, to match his soft personality, unlike Grumpy who is drawn with a pointy beard to match his grumpy and harsh nature. Happy has a constant smile on his face and looks more cheerful and speaks gently whereas Grumpy has his eyebrows arched and sounds opinionated and irritated. He has his arms around his chest which shows that he doesn’t approve of Snow White.


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Prompt 1

“Steamboat Willie” is famous because it used fully synchronized sound. View the film again. How is the sound used to emphasize the action? Give some specific examples. What role does music play in the film? Does the use of sound reveal something about each of the characters? What does it reveal and how is sound used?

Prompt 2

View the clip of Snow White meeting the seven dwarfs again. Though each of the seven dwarfs are drawn and animated in a similar manner, there are important differences that tell us something about each of their personalities. Pick two of the dwarfs and show how they are distinguished from each other by the way they move, how they are drawn, their voices and any other means used to show their character.