Journal Entry – Week 9

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Respond to at least 1 prompt on this page (you are welcome to respond to more). For instructions on how to submit a journal entry, please follow these instructions. FORMATTING FOR THIS WEEK: Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] W9” and select the Category “Journal Entry – Week 9” 

Prompt 1

Work from the UPA studio was noted for its use of color, abstract patterns, stylized drawing and limited movement. Watch “Rooty Tooty Toot” in it’s entirety. Describe how it uses color, patterns, drawing and movement. Do you think it is effective and tells the story using these means? Why?

Prompt 2

We see that animated advertising became more prominent during this period. Pick an animated current commercial. Write about why you think it works, or doesn’t work, in terms of movement, color and storytelling. Include screenshots.

Tyla Baxter W9

The animation “Rooty toot toot” uses a very simple color palette and simple drawings. Throughout the short, you see that the animation goes along with the music. The patterns shown in the background to give off various textures had a very abstract look to them. What I liked about this film was how colors and abstract patterns were used to portray specific emotions and gives a personality to the characters.

Emmanuel Sterling W9

In “Rooty Tooty Toot”, it uses the colors and the patterns in an abstract and distinctive way to convey the tone of the characters. And I think it is effective to tell the story about the characters, because it designs to play each characters in a very unique way to showcase their different personalities and how the courtroom can affect them. Frankie represents the color red, because it symbolizes his anger and jealousy.

Shreya Lama, W9

Prompt 1

The colors in “Rooty Tooty Toot” are minimal and look like a painting and sometimes we can see colors don’t stay within the lines of the character or objects. The background is drawn with abstract patterns and often changes color from brighter to darker shades to show the difference between the present and the flashback. The characters look like simple stick figures, but every character is drawn with different shapes; some are seen with colors, and some are left colorless to give that contrasting look. I think it is effective and tells the story by using these means as it is simple, but each color and abstract pattern represents each character and their personality and at the same time conveys the incident that happened and is taking place in the courtroom. Frankie can be seen wearing Red and red can sometimes represent anger and danger which signifies that she, in fact, has a temper and shot Johnny out of jealousy.

Atlas Rodriguez week 9

The animation “Rooty toot toot” used a very basic color pallet and simple drawings. The animation went with the music. I think I noticed was when the lawyer was depicting Franky as innocent, her color pallet was white when in the true story she was in red. I think this technique of simple designs and art pallets was an effective way to tell the story because of how the characters are made to be. The designs of the characters show what kind of people they are. For example, Nelly Bly was in blue, which is a calm color and she was thin and tall, symbolizing being very poised and laid back as a character.

Jay Williams (Week 9)

The colors and patterns of the film remind me of clothing and some honestly make me think of stains. It made a big impression on me and helps give the film a playful vibe and plant it firmly in the era of which it was made. It’s actually what makes it unique from the works of Disney or MGM.