The Adventure Of Prince Achmed 1926 Sept 3 was the first animated fairy tale to be using picture sheets under a camera like a shadow puppet. We still can see this in today in boardway theater in some plays for example now today that movie is play on boardway and is now called. “Aladdin”. Now in adventure Of Prince Achmed had struggled with the original and copy version. BFI international was trying and was supporting the animated flim. Now in the film they show us color shadowing with music. As similar to Bambi how it started. Now if you look deeper into the film It shows figure animals with animations figures lined with symbols circle representing united. We see forms a triangle which represents power. Now this film is based on story about a poor young boy who over comes alot of obstacles due to this one girl jasmine who he falls in love and stops her from getting married to this guy so he goes out his way to use magic to become this person he isn’t so she can be with him and he can be with her.

I LOVE this film because it shows you that you shouldn’t be someone else to get someone to be just yourself. It also teaches you the idea of what bad and good, as well as what’s right what wrong. I love the way animation was done.

In my essay I will be talking about animation 1926 as well the animation today of adding comparing and contrasting as well I will be adding week 3 of Emilie Cohl, Windsor Mc cay, George H and how they worked with animation and how it was created and done. I will be adding stop motion and breaking the flim and animation down of the Adventure Of Prince Achmed and technology as well techniques used.

The Adventure Of Prince achmed 1926.

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