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Yohenny Alix W8

Prompt 2

It would be a problem nowadays, they wanted him to use his greatest talent but not in what he wanted like the vase and the hand turned it into a pointing hand. Like when he was in jail, everything was fine while he was making art. It’s like it was a style of being able to have control over everything and manipulate everything at will.

Yohenny Alix W7

Prompt 2

They use all the tools to make as much humor as possible. stuttering with the spression on their face in the beginning of the video you can see when he follow the soldier and get ready to shoot him his gun start dropping some liquid and the rival soldier knows he can get the change to leave or to kill him, in that moment when he start smiling his teeth was getting bigger to cause a big smile which its part of movements plus the voices complete the full sense of humor.

Yohenny Alix W5

In the video you can see a few differences between the dwarfs, for example their noses are not similar two that I can describe with differences are Happy and Dopey, you can see big difference in Dopey he looks young and with not hair meaning he looks more like a special boy the color of his eyes are a light blue almost like grey and his ears are stremely big. Happy his face is a little longer in his cheeks which makes his face bigger and different he has white and wide eyebrows and is a little chubbier than the rest. Happy’s voices sound more like a person with a stuffy nose that’s the tone of their sound and dopey because they don’t speak.

Yohenny Alix W4 ( short paper outline)

The movie I will take to work is “The Three Little Pigs” I decided to take this film because of the story and the aesthetics in it.

I was always a lover of animated figures and the three little pigs is a story that has been told for many generations well, every time you read or see about it you can see more things and find other meanings in it.

the extra information I will use is from https://www.learningally.org/Portals/6/Docs/TeacherResources/LA_Analysis_TrueStory3LittlePigs.pdf, where I would be available to get more information about the production in this history.

Yohenny Alix W3

They are both drawings with different backgrounds, for example in Emile Cohl’s “Fantasmagorie” you can see how the lines work so closely together that everything changes shape quickly, and being just white lines with a completely black background makes it a little easier to be able to read the movements and the message you want to project to the public. In Winsor McCay’s “Gertie the Dinosaur” you can see simple lines in two black and white colors the same as in McCay’s, the only thing that the background changes which makes it different, and the producer gives simple messages like having a silent conversation with the dinosaur ordering him to do, how the drawn figures move is different in a point of view they move slowly but at the same time fast enough to achieve a movement that makes it look like a moving animation and with which it produces sound.

Yohenny Alix W2

The two paintings of storytelling its impersonated to see how much can be said with figures, especially with caves, it was one of the ways humans were able to tell what was happening or some key to some hidden treasure, as we have seen for example in some movies like reading the figures in the caves and trying to decipher what story those figures on the wall wanted to tell and where the end would lead. the shadow ones remind me of my childhood I remember meeting with my friends to make what used to be a movie theater; We took a blank sheet of paper and an empty shoe box where we could make a square in the middle large enough to be able to stick the sheet on the other side, we placed the dolls on the opposite side and when moving the candles it produced what was the movement of the figures And the kids on the other side thought it was real. It’s almost similar to what Mr. Fan Zhang’an saw with the figures held on sticks and behind a thin paper which could be seen on the other side and create the movements to be able to see yourself as an art that tells a story without having to speak. I remember having participated in a work in the church, a silent work in which we only had to make expressions on the face and with the body and to the rhythm of the music, which changed its tone according to each part of the work; as it was suspense, joy, sadness, etc. It was curious how to see some people at the end of the play keep wondering what the play meant since many could not understand instantly or did not pay enough attention and when I explained to them they were amazed how a play of a story could be done without speaking.

Yohenny Alix Journal

Prompt 1

Hello, my name is Yohenny my major is communication this is my 3rd semester at BMCC, I picked this course to learn a little bit more about the art of animation, I don’t have a specific genre/era/type to learn I feel great to learn all of them, my goals and career are to finish college and be available to use it in the future in what I want to be. I am a dog lover I guess I love all animals except reptiles, I love the 80s and 90s love cartoons, I like to dance, and my favorites food are Dominican and Italian.

Prompt 2

It’s hard for me to pick and specific animated or tv show, but for anime, I love “Sakura the Cardcaptor”, I love it for the animation and for how things look really good, the relationship between sakura and her friend that is completely in love with her, and she protects her even if she can’t confess to her what she feels, the animation it’s amazing. The tv show “Seinfeld” the good way how four friends with a lot of differences between them live life day by day and understand that at the end of the day they are each other and that can’t be with any of them, I love the format and visualization of the series, it’s natural how you live day to day.