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One of the films that I have picked is My Neighbor Totoro (1988). Nature plays the important theme that is integrated to the story, because it shows how many characters could have the authenticity to interact with the earth in emotional levels. Satsuke and Mei represents the natural world. The conflict is shown that Mei was unable to show Totoro her family’s tree. Yes, it has resolved.

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The movie that stood out to me when it comes to blending between live-action and animation is Enchanted. In the first opening sequence, you get to see Princess Giselle and Prince Edward were experiencing a “happily ever after” moment in a true Disney animated fashion. And the next scene, you see something that is shocking like Giselle gets exiled from the animated world by an evil queen named Narissa and end up being transported to New York City, the place where she fell in love with a divorce lawyer. The category belongs to fantasy and musical, because it adds on the music that connects to the story that can make the audience to feel satisfied throughout the film.

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The movie that I will be focusing on is: Inside Out.

This movie about the inner emotions that has been drawn inside of a young girl named Riley who moved from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents. And also, there are five emotions that showcase their own personalities which is: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

I am drawn to this movie, because of its story and it discusses about the character’s struggle with the emotions and her new lifestyle changes.

I will be researching about the animation style, production style, box office, and cinematography style.

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In “Rooty Tooty Toot”, it uses the colors and the patterns in an abstract and distinctive way to convey the tone of the characters. And I think it is effective to tell the story about the characters, because it designs to play each characters in a very unique way to showcase their different personalities and how the courtroom can affect them. Frankie represents the color red, because it symbolizes his anger and jealousy.

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The movie that I will be focusing is Silly Symphony.

I am drawn to this film because I love the fact that Disney has put out the technique during the 1930s and it reminds me Looney Tunes in a different way. And one thing I have realized is this is the first cartoon short that is made in color.

The elements that I will be researching is the animation style and the drawing style that has been from the old Disney short films. And also, I will be discussing about how the film series has been distributed by the number of film companies.

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For my perspective, it would be very different and amazing if it had more layers in this drawing, in my point of view. Like many horror films, it has a dark tone when it comes to ghosts and mysticism that every individual was seeing during the late periods. And also, the way Gaspard demonstrate has pushed the boundary in a artistic way.