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Yohenny Alix W4 ( short paper outline)

The movie I will take to work is “The Three Little Pigs” I decided to take this film because of the story and the aesthetics in it.

I was always a lover of animated figures and the three little pigs is a story that has been told for many generations well, every time you read or see about it you can see more things and find other meanings in it.

the extra information I will use is from https://www.learningally.org/Portals/6/Docs/TeacherResources/LA_Analysis_TrueStory3LittlePigs.pdf, where I would be available to get more information about the production in this history.

Yohenny Alix W3

They are both drawings with different backgrounds, for example in Emile Cohl’s “Fantasmagorie” you can see how the lines work so closely together that everything changes shape quickly, and being just white lines with a completely black background makes it a little easier to be able to read the movements and the message you want to project to the public. In Winsor McCay’s “Gertie the Dinosaur” you can see simple lines in two black and white colors the same as in McCay’s, the only thing that the background changes which makes it different, and the producer gives simple messages like having a silent conversation with the dinosaur ordering him to do, how the drawn figures move is different in a point of view they move slowly but at the same time fast enough to achieve a movement that makes it look like a moving animation and with which it produces sound.

MES 160 week 3 prompt 2


We have seen that many early animated films, particularly in the US, were based on print comics. I think that because back then the did comic anumation as well a lot of drawing and paper work to make it happen. Because of that people started to love it and due to that artsist and cretaers started to copy off and use off eachother especially the technology and techniques artist used to make the comic or comic animation happen. One thing about comics that would make them an appropriate subject for film is the language as well they idea of using they other artists techniques qnd technology and applying it to their work.


The Adventure Of Prince Achmed 1926 Sept 3 was the first animated fairy tale to be using picture sheets under a camera like a shadow puppet. We still can see this in today in boardway theater in some plays for example now today that movie is play on boardway and is now called. “Aladdin”. Now in adventure Of Prince Achmed had struggled with the original and copy version. BFI international was trying and was supporting the animated flim. Now in the film they show us color shadowing with music. As similar to Bambi how it started. Now if you look deeper into the film It shows figure animals with animations figures lined with symbols circle representing united. We see forms a triangle which represents power. Now this film is based on story about a poor young boy who over comes alot of obstacles due to this one girl jasmine who he falls in love and stops her from getting married to this guy so he goes out his way to use magic to become this person he isn’t so she can be with him and he can be with her.

I LOVE this film because it shows you that you shouldn’t be someone else to get someone to be just yourself. It also teaches you the idea of what bad and good, as well as what’s right what wrong. I love the way animation was done.

In my essay I will be talking about animation 1926 as well the animation today of adding comparing and contrasting as well I will be adding week 3 of Emilie Cohl, Windsor Mc cay, George H and how they worked with animation and how it was created and done. I will be adding stop motion and breaking the flim and animation down of the Adventure Of Prince Achmed and technology as well techniques used.

The Adventure Of Prince achmed 1926.

Homework 2 Prompt 3

I think my reaction to one of Gaspard Robertson’s “ Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797 would be fascinated but at the same time scared because I think that at that time people did not have much entertainment and because of that not much innovation on theater or shows. I think “Fantasmagorie” would catch the attention and many people would be scare on being in a room with ghosts and demons all over the place. One form of entertainment that would elicit the same emotions today can be Halloween horror nights at Universal Orlando because the theme is all about scare people and you walk through a haunted village so you are aware the whole time because you know you can see ghosts and demons and scary things at any moment. I saw at that place a show that comes to my mind when I think of Gaspard Robertson’s show and it is about a clown and the images were project on fountains of water and the lights and sound were the center of attention too.

Homework 1 Prompt 1

Hello Professor and classmates from MES 160 Fall 2022. My name is Manuela Cano. I graduated from High School in New York, I speak two languages and Love animals, My dog is a husky and I can say that I love her as a daughter, I have good taste on design and I like to create blogs of pictures on pinterest about it. I picked this course because I like the history of theater, image and art. I find it interesting. My major is communication Studies and One of my favorite directors is Tim Burton.

Jay Williams W1 (2)

My favorite cartoon is Whatever happened to Robot Jones. I watched it as a 6- to 7-year-old so I was in awe of the middle school aged characters. Today I find it dorky but sweet (I think people that age are funny). It follows Robot Jones, a robot (surprise) who goes to middle school to report on humans that age. It was created by Greg Miller who is known for his School house rock like art style.