Journal Entry – Week 7

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Respond to at least 1 prompt on this page (you are welcome to respond to more). For instructions on how to submit a journal entry, please follow these instructions. FORMATTING FOR THIS WEEK: Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] W7” and select the Category “Journal Entry – Week 7”

Prompt 1

Many of the films we saw this week show stereotypical versions of the enemy. Watch “Bust the Axis”, made in the UK directed by an American and “Momotarō no Umiwashi”. How is the enemy portrayed in each of these films? What negative stereotypes are depicted? What means are used in terms of drawing style and movement? What are the behaviors demonstrated by the characters?

Prompt 2

The Private Snafu series was designed to instruct GIs in military techniques and behaviors. How do you think Private Snafu – Fighting Tools uses humor to get the point across? Does it use voice, drawing, movement or story? How?

Yohenny Alix W7

Prompt 2

They use all the tools to make as much humor as possible. stuttering with the spression on their face in the beginning of the video you can see when he follow the soldier and get ready to shoot him his gun start dropping some liquid and the rival soldier knows he can get the change to leave or to kill him, in that moment when he start smiling his teeth was getting bigger to cause a big smile which its part of movements plus the voices complete the full sense of humor.

Tyla Baxter W7

Prompt 2:

By giving the characters silly voices, and movements, Private Snafu conveys his message through humor, while also educating the troops about the consequences of not following orders.

Seeing Mel Blanc voice the main character gave them a familiarity with him as he is known for voicing many funny cartoon characters, giving them a sense that it was the typical Warner Bros. cartoon, but more educational.