Manuela Cano SP outline

The movie that I will be focusing on is Bambi-Man the villain Because it is focusing in showing a different perspective of life because Bambi’s characters are animals and the humans are the antagonists. Im attracted to it because it shows the world a different story through forest animals eyes. It shows that they have families, needs and feelings and they need to protect themselves and their families from the humans that invade their territory.

I remember when I was a kid I saw the whole movie and I cried so much when Bambi’s mother died, it affected me because I realize at that early age that the movie was a animated film but it also happens in real life, animals are hunted but humans to eat them or sometimes just for fun as an sport.

I think is important to see this type of actions with a different point of view and realize that animals have feelings and families and living beings and we are the ones playing the antagonist role on this type of situations.

The elements I will research for the short film: How it was created, How it was received by the audience, how the movie influence the audience and the animation style.

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