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Atlas Rodriguez Week 11(long paper outline)

For this long paper, I will be using Spiderman: Into the spider-verse

This film is about an afro-Latino boy named Mile Morales, he is bit by a glitched radioactive spider, and when trying to figure out his new abilities he is met with other versions of spiderman from different universes. He and the rest of the spider people try to stop Kingpin from causing a catastrophe, while also trying to get the rest of the spider people back to their universe. This film is very interesting to me because of the different animation styles, and techniques used throughout the movie. It shows the struggle of how great expectations could affect someone’s actions and mindset, and this really speaks to me as someone who also deals with that personally. 

During this long paper, I will focus on the types of animation techniques used, and what inspired them to create the film using those style types. How did they impact people after the film, and why was it such a success? 

I will be using the readings from the lessons to compare the film and what animation techniques could have inspired the directors to add to the film. 

Atlas Rodriguez SP Outline

The film I will analyze is “The skeleton dance”. It was animated by UB Iwerks. The characters in the film make actions that go to the beat of the music composed. The music was composed by Carl W Stalling. From the music and animation, the tone of the film is seen as funny and playful with a slight sense of unease due to some of the characters and animation.

Along with the film itself, I will also provide texts from to add more information on the film and its history.

I am drawn to this film because of the use of animation being used as a way to visualize the music in the background. I would like to know more about the techniques UB Iwerks used to have created this along with many others.

I will be researching more about what kinds of techniques were used. Who worked on it, and for how long before it was produced? Why was it created along with what were the ideas behind creating it? Also, how has it affected people throughout time?

Atlas Rodriguez WEEK 5

The two dwarfs, Grumpy and Bashful are very similar in style characters in the Disney animated film “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. Grumpy has a look that distinguishes him from the rest. His brows are always furrowed and his arms are usually crossed. Whenever he speaks his tone is very irritated. As for Bashful, when spoken to, his face becomes flushed red and he twists his beard into a knot. His voice is giggly and flustered when he speaks.

Atlas Rodriguez WEEK 8

In the western blocks, there was funding for the animation studios, mostly from NFB and the U.S. the U.S funded Great Britain to make promotional political works, promoting the Marshall plan. Due to the economic situation, the western blocks were able to create colorfully and Disney-like animations, along with creating new techniques such as stereoscopy, pixilation, and direct sound. In the eastern blocks, there was more of a restricted animation. They had animations made for propoganda. China in the late 1960s economy was so bad to the point where animation almost stopped because they couldn’t fund it. Although this was the case in china, the soviet union funded their animators to create films made to promote soviet ideology. They even created a more minimalistic modern style to the Disney style that many countries used.

Atlas Rodriguez week 9

The animation “Rooty toot toot” used a very basic color pallet and simple drawings. The animation went with the music. I think I noticed was when the lawyer was depicting Franky as innocent, her color pallet was white when in the true story she was in red. I think this technique of simple designs and art pallets was an effective way to tell the story because of how the characters are made to be. The designs of the characters show what kind of people they are. For example, Nelly Bly was in blue, which is a calm color and she was thin and tall, symbolizing being very poised and laid back as a character.

Atlas Rodriguez W2

Prompt 3

If I was to watch one of Gaspard Robertson’s “Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797, I believe I would be scared and actually believe that the creatures were there. Being there in the dark with no idea of when I would be scared by the creatures would make me tense and frightened. In modern times, there are horror movies that would also make me have the same reaction as well. An example would be the horror film “Paranormal Activity”, which was shown in theaters in 2007. It’s a supernatural horror movie that usually takes place in a home and as if it was recorded from night vision cameras. The film instills terror in the audience by using the fear of the unknown in the dark against them. People feel tense when they watch the movie, from the unsettling music and the fear of when something will jump out and scare them

Atlas-Rodriguez week 1 prompt 2

A film I really admire would be the animated film “spiderman: into the spider-verse”. I really enjoy watching the movie, the amazing story along with how each character comes to life with all its different art styles of animation. I would love to be a part of something as wonderful as that one day. It was released in 2018 by SONY Pictures. It was the first in a while, an animated film that wasn’t made by Disney or Pixar to have won a best-animated feature at the Oscars.

Atlas week 1-prompt 1

My name is Atlas. My pronouns are he/him. I picked this course because I want to learn more about animation and its different kinds. Along with the different techniques people use. I’m very interested in 2d animation and how some people can get their animations to be very smooth. I am majoring in animation and motion graphics. I would like to one day be a part of a very well-known animation company, to make films or just cartoons. I own a bearded dragon named Spike, she’s a girl despite her name. I like to create stories of my own and share them with others. My favorite color is yellow, and I like to watch anime and other M.A.P (multi animator projects) in my free time.