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Shreya Lama (LP Outline)

The movie I will be focusing on: WALL-E (2008)

WALL-E is a movie about a robot with the same name that has been cleaning the abandoned, polluted, and uninhabitable Earth for 700 years. WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) is the last robot left on Earth. WALL-E comes across another robot named Eve, sent to scan the Earth for any evidence of life. WALL-E and Eve become friends and when Eve is taken away, WALL-E travels to space to rescue Eve.

I am drawn to this movie because of its story and also because it discusses important topics such as waste management, human environmental impact, human dependency on technology, and many more.

I will be researching the movie’s animation and drawing style, production, distribution, box office, and how it was received by the audience. 

Shreya Lama, W10

Prompt 1

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018), the sequel to Wreck-it Ralph (2012) references many known brands from Amazon to YouTube to Facebook and many more throughout its running time as the movie deals with things that can be accessed online. Another movie is Jurassic World (2015), though not animated features many product placements such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Samsung, Pandora, and many more. Product placement is a form of advertising done by featuring or placing a brand or a product in movies, tv shows, or any kind of media to promote them which benefits the involved companies.

Shreya Lama, W9

Prompt 1

The colors in “Rooty Tooty Toot” are minimal and look like a painting and sometimes we can see colors don’t stay within the lines of the character or objects. The background is drawn with abstract patterns and often changes color from brighter to darker shades to show the difference between the present and the flashback. The characters look like simple stick figures, but every character is drawn with different shapes; some are seen with colors, and some are left colorless to give that contrasting look. I think it is effective and tells the story by using these means as it is simple, but each color and abstract pattern represents each character and their personality and at the same time conveys the incident that happened and is taking place in the courtroom. Frankie can be seen wearing Red and red can sometimes represent anger and danger which signifies that she, in fact, has a temper and shot Johnny out of jealousy.

Shreya Lama, W8

Prompt 2

The Hand in the movie can be seen as an authoritative figure who wants to take control and commands the main character to make “the hand” but the main character is pushing it away and trying to be happy with what he is doing which is making a flowerpot. I think the film was seen as subversive by the communist government at the time because of the main character who tries to be independent and do what he wants and refuses to do what “the Hand” commands him to do and when the hand finally takes control, the main character is shown as a puppet that can represent or portray how the people in the country might be feeling with the government at the time. The main character constantly pushes and refuses the hand which can be taken as a sign of defying authority.

Shreya Lama, W5

Prompt 2

Grumpy and Happy are two dwarfs that are exactly opposite to one another. Happy has a round face, and his beard is drawn rounded too, to match his soft personality, unlike Grumpy who is drawn with a pointy beard to match his grumpy and harsh nature. Happy has a constant smile on his face and looks more cheerful and speaks gently whereas Grumpy has his eyebrows arched and sounds opinionated and irritated. He has his arms around his chest which shows that he doesn’t approve of Snow White.

Shreya Lama SP outline

The movie I will be focusing on: Dumbo

Dumbo is the shortest-running Disney feature movie which was created to save money after the financial loss from the movies Pinocchio and Fantasia. It is based on the story, Dumbo, the Flying Elephant written by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. The movie focuses on its main character Dumbo who is bullied for having big ears. Everyone makes fun of his big ears, but his big ears enable him to fly which makes him gain fame and fortune in the end. 

I love the movie because of its story and how it shows that being different is not a bad thing. The movie makes you feel for the characters with its storytelling and music. 

The elements I will research for this movie: its animation style, drawing style, how it was created, the animation style used from the past releases from Disney, and how the movie influenced future releases/features. I will also be researching the movie’s production and distribution and how it was received at the box office and by the audience. 

Shreya Lama, W3

Prompt 1

Winsor McCay’s “Gertie the Dinosaur” and Emile Cohl’s “Fantasmagorie”, both are drawn using simple line drawings although overall “Gertie the Dinosaur” looks more detailed and realistic, and Cohl uses morphing, stick figures, and different shapes to draw the characters and objects in the movie. Both movies are silent. Both are black and white, but Cohl uses black color for the background, and McCay’s background is drawn. McCay is interacting with “Gertie the Dinosaur” as he is telling the dinosaur to perform different tricks whereas “Fantasmagorie,” tells the story without any interaction. 

Shreya Lama W2

It would have been amazing and exciting to be a part of an audience at one of Gaspard Robertson’s “Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797. It would be scary and fascinating at the same time to see ghosts appear. I think theatre shows like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will evoke the same emotions today as it also deals with fantasy and magical story.

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One of my all-time favorite animated movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas directed by Henry Selick based on the poem by Tim Burton and produced by Touchstone Pictures and Skellington Productions. The movie uses stop-motion animation. I like the character designs and dark tone of the movie. The movie is about the King of Halloween Town who is bored with his routine of organizing Halloween every year, but soon he comes across Christmas Town and decides to take over Christmas and that’s when things start to get messy.


Hi, my name is Shreya Lama and I am currently majoring in Multimedia Programming and Design. I chose this course because it is one of the requirements for my chosen major. I don’t have a favorite genre/era/type of animation and watch and enjoy every type of movie/animation. My hobbies include sketching, music, movies, games, etc.