week A assignment

Today the topic that will be discussed is a company’s social responsibility and ethical principles. Firstly, what are social responsibilities and ethical principles? Social responsibilities are when a person or in this case, a company is reviewed on how they keep up their community obligations and how they are making efforts that benefit our society in some way. Now, ethical principles are a kind of guideline for making conscious decisions that won’t leave a negative impact on others or ourselves. It is also something to follow to keep us on the right track at all times. The company that will examined today is Apple. I personally own 7 Apple devices, all I use very often and paid a lot of money for. 

Apple is a popular company that started in 1976. It was started by a man named Steve Jobs. Now, Apple has many social responsibilities since it is a multinational company. One of which is their code of conduct. Apple is said to make sure that their suppliers and their own company are held to the highest standards. They also have a social responsibility to reinforce diversity and growth within their company. Apple also has an important goal to create carbon-neutral products. This means they are working on producing products that don’t take away the earth’s resources in order to create them. That is an ambitious and socially responsible goal. Apple also raised around 600 million dollars and volunteered for around 1.6 million hours. Finally, one last social responsibility I want to mention is their responsibility to the public. They work to make people’s lives better. A quote on the Apple website says “…we work every day to put people first – by empowering them with accessible technology…” They give us a way to access everything at our fingertips. 

Apple believes that its success is tied to how they are perceived ethically. How they behave and conduct their business is very important in this day and age especially. On Apple’s website, they have a ethics and compliance section. This includes a quote “We do the right thing, even when it’s not easy”. At times it is hard to please everyone so the only thing we have left is simply to do what we think is best. Apple holds itself to a high standard. Meaning its employees and anyone associated are as well. With that Apple still works hard to ensure that all working conditions are safe. Also, the employees themselves are appreciated and treated with great morality. 

In conclusion, based on everything mentioned above I believe Apple holds itself very well when looking at social responsibilities and ethical principles. The examples I have listed are only a few of Apple’s actions when it comes to making sure they are following their social responsibilities and ethical principles. There are honestly too many to list. I personally don’t have any recommendations on Apple being more ethical or the organizations they should pursue. I wasn’t surprised by everything I researched however it is comforting to know a company I continuously bought from hold itself to a great standard.

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