The Joneses

After watching “The Joneses” movie I would put them in a personal selling product category because they tried to make connections and build relationship with other people to sell their product to them by convincing them after they got to know them very well. 

I have many favorite brands similar to the Jones family sales tactics which are high-class brands like Gucci, LV, Versace, and Rolex they are using the same way to convince people to buy from their product and they are showing off their product in beautiful models and try to influence many artists and famous people from a high-class to buy. 

I don’t think the way products are marketed in this movie is ethical because entering people’s lives and trying to let them close to you because of your interest and benefits with a lie is not a good idea to do in marketing. Building a relationship like this with convention makes people hurt in the end because if you’re close to each other and you both are rich but one is richer than the other it will make the other person try to be richer as he/she can to be better with their lifestyle. For example, Steve and Larry were both rich and friends but it ended up with Larry’s death because of the competition they had which Larry couldn’t make an effort to be richer than Steve. 

If I were friends with someone in the Jones family before I found out they’re secret it doesn’t matter to me at all if a friend of mine is rich or poor everyone needed to be treated equally, but for sure I would be a friend to them because of the way they had show off they are a beautiful family and planned everything they did very well it convince many of their neighbors for wanted to build a relationship.  Afterward, knowing their secrets I will cut off my relationship with people like this because friendship and any relation needed to build with honesty, real people, caring and love for sure and that family didn’t have any of this to others they only want their business to grow up that’s all.


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