Assignment G

First of all, I personally enjoyed the movie and found quite interesting. I would categorize their  the way the Jones family lives as personal selling, because they are using their personal skills to sell those products, also being “face-to-face” with those “costumers”.

Comparing the Jones family with my favorite brands, I can see the Jones family easily becoming a digital influencer if the movie was from 2022. Digital influencers are being hired from various companies to convince people, (especially people between 15-30 years old) to buy their products, they are there to make them feel like they need their product in their lives, and this happened in the movie.

Talking about ethical behavior, I do not believe the movie portraited an ethical way of marketing, starting with lying and pretending to be family, cars, houses, jewelries… they did not belong to them, also, they were using fake names, making connections and relationships that were not real, using those people for their own benefits.

If I met those people I would probably believe in everything they were saying, because it all was very well planned and it looks very legit. Afterwards, I would feel very disappointed and used, I would want to report this kind of business to the authorities.

Another thing that I found interesting about this movie was how they portraited Larry, the neighbor , committing suicide towards the end of the movie, this was a critique of how marketing can make people compared their lives to others, generating depression.

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